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Spot light on how the academic writing shapes with different perspectives

In a true meaning the Academic writing is a skill. Academic piece of is not just something that is a gathered set of information loaded with tonnes of knowledge, but this kind of knowledge is useless if you cannot put it into practice.

That means that one needs to practice because after reading a book on how to drive a car, instead unless one sits in the cockpit and try to accelerate on its own through the highway. You might feel initially that your car may touch the commuters’ vehicles, but as the times passes behind the wheels and you persistently save yourself and others the confidence develops in you. The same way is the academic writing as it takes a lot of practice. Get OET training in Dubai!

The Process

One need to make sure that he is producing the text that is a perfect fit to the context. We look at academic writing as a process, as something that you do an activity, and it comes with the set of sub activities, with a set of ideas or processes that you move through to make academic writing happen.

It all starts from finding and distilling a topic and besides this the process involves reading up on the topic. You might actually start that before you pin down what your topic is you might be reading in order to know what kind of question is good to ask, then you would be expected to find the suitable method, the tools, how you intend to go about the act of discovering the answer to your question.

And obviously through this all you will be taking notes for better IELTS review in Dubai. If you do not take notes then you will work double.

Structuring is very important because if your start writing and discovered halfway through that you need to rearrange your ideas that is why outlining is crucial in academic writing. The outline saves you time and nerves. It is obvious there is an act of actual writing and then there is the point of revising before you submit your wonderful master piece in the ideal world, it is generally believed that all the academic writers, when they start, expect this process to run exactly as outlined.

You start from a topic you read, put your ideas down, takes notes and put into a structure. You sit down to write, revise and submit, it is all done and dusted.

Messier part of the process

You probably discover that instead of going linearly through the steps, you end up going back and forth. Sometimes some portion are overlap and the reading section you always have to return to and you realize that it is actually a messy process, nothing clean about it.

It might be a bit frustrating at times, especially if you are an order freak, but if you embrace it from the get go as something that is about to be messy, that requires flexibility in moving between these stages and over lapping certain stages. Come to us for CELPIP Training in Dubai!

Going back and revisiting your question after you have read something really interesting or maybe even going back and revisiting your question after you have reached the conclusions, it saves you from a lot of frustration. It means that from the get go, you are going on this wonderful adventure that requires running around sometimes in different directions, but that all of this is OK because you will end up with a wonderful product.

If you are a beginner at academic writing, you might be a little frustrated or apprehensive about hearing your fellow student experiences with writing. There might be someone who, two weeks before the dead line walks into the class and goes proclaiming that he has completed his task, and this would make worry about your efforts and approach. You need to remember academic writing like any type of writing is a unique process.

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