Sound Sleep for Children: Medicate or Meditate?

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Meditation has various health and wellness benefits. Especially when it comes to kids there are immense beneficial aspects of meditation. One of them is to ensure sound sleep for children. Let us try to understand it in detail.

What causes the children to have disturbed sleep quite often?

Parents often find it difficult to manage a child in sleep. The time of the day when their own body demands a few hours of restful sleep it gets very difficult to manage the child who is always disturbed, awake or wailing during sleep. When it becomes a routine, things become really uneasy for everyone.

The main reasons that are mostly considered behind the disturbance in the sleep of babies are their unsettled night routines and their thoughts that keep on jumping and drawing conclusions. These are all basically mental activities that we cannot control. The events that happen during the day time are seen and analyzed by the mind of a child in its own peculiar way. You can only make them understand but cannot change the process of their thinking. While in the sleep, their thoughts bring about their imagination and causes disturbance in their sleep.

What is good for children to make them sleep- meditation or medication?

Some people are not accustomed to the benefits and implications of meditation. So people are usually seen to be contacting the doctors for disturbed sleep for children. But giving medication to children may be a temporary solution to their brain and healing. It may not provide a sustainable change in their mental development and the process of thinking.

The age of children is very tender and their thoughts mould the actions of their futuristic habits! They develop temperaments and behaviors that may affect their social relationships and growth when they grow up.

While medication may not aid in any of the above other than helping them to attain sound sleep temporarily- meditation has its impact for lifelong habit development.

With meditation one tends to develop the peaceful and harmonious thoughts through their mind.

The nerves in the brain that receive signal and transmit the thoughts from one to another should come into synchronization. With meditation one can easily develop that process of synchronization in the mind. Meditation is good for attaining sleep for children. When they listen to the meditative tapes or meditative lectures they are able to harmonize their thoughts to a large extent.

This kind of process can easily lead them into a process of thought which is more stable and gives them conformity of events that happen around them. They attain maturity and balance in their mind which is actually beneficial for long term. This will not only change their process of thinking but also establish their connection with their awakened self which is essential for a human being to attain its true nature.

Meditation has several health benefits for human minds. When it comes to young and tender mind of children parents should make meditation as an essential part of their daily routine for an overall personality and mental health development of their children.

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