A Sneak peek into the life of “Fitness Freak” Yuvraj singh

It takes a lot to be a National cricketer and specially if you are a name like Yuvraj singh, the stakes always stays high on you. While Yuvi is a well-known name for his aggressive batting and excellent fielding, his determination in  life to remain fit and to keep improving to be in the best form of fitness makes him a stand apart from the rest. When most of the people remember him for hitting 6 sixes in a single over bowled by Stuart Broad, England’s fast bowler.

It’s worth mentioning here Whenever a tournament goes underway, Yuvraj follows a set pattern of diet and fitness which includes,  Breakfast like Cereals, milk, eggs and fibrous fruits, On field sessions like Foam rolling and activations, Warm up like Mobility exercises, running drills, run through, dynamic stretching, cricket specific movements and drills, agility drills and sprints, Skill practice including Batting (two hours), bowling (one hour) and fielding (30 to 45 minutes),  Lunch which is High on proteins, balanced with carbohydrates, Weight Training (Strength sessions) like bench presses, bench pulls, squats, dead lifts and lunges, Core Training like Roll-outs, plate chops, Swiss ball jackknife and Recovery which includes Ice bath or swimming, Hydration at all times during activity with water or a recommended energy drink, Yoga and breathing exercises.

In terms of Yuvraj’s fitness, Skill training plays a vital role in making him a better all-rounder and a valuable cricket player to the team. While Yuvi goes hard on push-ups and pull-ups as these set of exercises helps him to gain that extraordinary power to make those biggies clear the stadiums along with helping him as a batsman and a fielder. Adding onto those are Dumbbell Rows or Cable Rows exercise which is again preferred by this left-hand batsman as it helps him to have a strong back. Along with this He also does Hip Lifts exercise which helps him to keep his lower back strong and prevent all sorts of lower back problems.

While his fitness regime makes him stand on the same page as of his counterparts, the selectors do need to look up to this southpaw for a place in the team as that could be the only way forward in making justice to this legendary cricketer’s talent.

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