How Smartphones effect Human Mental Health

Nowadays smartphones become the most important part of life to stay in contact with family, friends, school, and office. The basic function of the phone is to make calls on the go and connect with others. Smartphones are easy to move device so people highly recommend this device for connecting with each other and some people use smartphones is for fun. With the growing affordability and availability of a verity of smartphones and the connection of WI-FI people have internet access so they out their phones and enjoy the technological advancement and people become an addict of smartphones. Where smartphones are beneficial for a stay in touch with others, on the other hand, is so harmful to the human mental and physical health, we have some harmful factors of the smartphone which can damage your mental health.

Lack ness of sleep

Lack ness of sleep is the major and the common disadvantage of a smartphone, especially the teenagers they may stay up late or even wake up in the middle of the night to check their phones, they always want constant contact with their friends they want fully aware of whatever is going on. They might use their social media profiles, play games, chatting with friends and edit photos. Not getting enough sleep can cause different disease like it mainly effects on memory and you may feel difficulty in concentrating and other health problems like diabetes, weight gain, depression.

Chasing Dopamine

Addiction and craving for your phone or anything depend on a complex interplay of brain chemicals but the dopamine neurotransmitter is at the heart of it. Dopamine is good for neurochemical messenger which carries signals through the brain synapses. Whenever your phone rings you check it to see call or text its mean your brain rewards you with a shot of dopamine and unconsciously you start to develop the need to check your phone more and more than brain achieves the same response. This behavior may cause you to lost interest in other activities.

Examining the Evidence

About 77% people of Europeans have a smartphone and its increase from 35% in 2011. 73% smartphones access had teenagers as of 2015 and phycology professor most of the suicide attempts appeared from the teenage background, according to him in late 2012 the smartphones ownership increase the 50% and right when the teen’s depression and suicide began to increase.

Reduced Attention and Productivity

Another side effect of the smartphone is that it can highly affect your attention and productivity through work at the college or university, one researcher found that mostly people performed more poorly when their focus on text notification or a phone call during the task and the researcher determined. “When the concentration broke up by notification, the subject had created more incorrect answers, the person who received a call or text notification, even he/she didn’t pick or reply but there were three times chances to make mistakes”

Relationship disturbance

We always think that our mobile phone is bringing us closer to our dear ones but it can may the totally opposite side. Using your smartphone on the table while you are taking dinner with your family or on a date with your partner take the attention away from the present situation. When you are overly addicted to your phone, your family relationship and friendships can suffer on it. The habit of a smartphone can create the conflict, negativity and the social isolation which is lead to mental health.

Anxiety & Depression

Research proved that your mobile can cause anxiety and depression, some people rapidly experienced when they disconnected from their cell phones, another study found that teenagers are glued to their smartphones and significantly not happy, Anyhow the less interaction with smartphone didn’t lead the happiness but the happiest person found a good spot of using digital media for about an hour per day.

As you know that your smartphone might create problems for you when you find that is too difficult to survive without a smartphone and you are more eager to engage with your phone than real life. Use of smartphone could be negatively affecting your mental health.

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