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Smartphones Addiction In Children: 7 Tips That Can Help

We love seeing our kids growing and learning things in their own childish ways. This happiness is doubled if you’re residing in a city like Dubai. Having a child is one of the most satisfying feelings and one can write a book about it without falling short on words. However, not everything goes the way we want. These days, one of the biggest mistakes we make is introducing our kids to smartphones. It starts with taking pictures, and videos. Soon after, you start showing them poems and stories on YouTube and they get used to it. And before you realize, this habit turns into addiction. 

You may find it funny but on a serious note, this addiction is more dangerous than a drug. It hits the inner innocent horizons of your kid and makes an impact that lasts for life. Many studies have shown that excessive use of smartphones can cause serious depression in kids. And even if they don’t, this is not the right age to use a phone. This is the age when he is supposed to learn the most important lessons of his life in his nursery in Al Wasland if he wastes this time getting indulged in mobile games and videos, he is going to miss a lot of things that he perhaps won’t be able to learn again. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your kid away from smartphones. 

But what if your kid is already addicted to it? Do you find him sticking to your phone right after coming back from his nursery in Al Wasl? So, is it too late? Wait! It is never too late to do something positive. The word ‘too late’ is nothing more than a myth. In this blog, you will get to read 5 tips that will help you take your kid out of smartphone addiction:

#1 Bring Back The Storytelling Tradition

Do you remember hearing stories from your parents and grandparents? It was all fun, right? You can try telling him the same stories after he comes back home from his nursery in Dubai. Now, as you are a parent, it is your responsibility to introduce your child to that world of imagination that not just helps use your free time in a good way but also allows your child to think broad. Recreation will work!

#2 Engage Them In Sports

While looking for a kids nursery in Dubai, you should make sure that it has a comfortable and growing environment that encourages sport activities. Engaging your child in sports is one of the best gifts you can give him. And, it is going to stay with him. Also, it will keep them away from smartphones.

#3 Take Them To A Nearby Park

Another thing you must do is to take him out in the evening. Outdoor activities play an important role in kids’ growth. So, you must ensure that he visits a nearby park after coming back from his nursery near City Walk. Staying outdoors for two hours daily will be more than enough!

#4 Develop A Habit Discuss Their Day

Kids are shy by nature. Until you don’t ask, he won’t share what happened with him in his nursery near City Walk. So, you have to develop a habit of discussing his day on a daily basis. It may be your kitchen, your bed or any other corner of your home. Daily discussions make kids feel more connected to their parents and they prefer being around them over getting indulged in a phone.

#5 Introduce Them To Art

Another must-do thing is introducing your kids with some form of art. It may be music, dance or any other activity that they enjoy. Doing so is important for the sake of their personality development, and in order to keep them away from that harmful phone.

#6 Use Technology Smartly

Smart parents are those who know how to make smart technology work in their favour. Why would you keep your kid away from a video that can add to his growth? You can simply turn on your smart TV and let him stream all he wants on a bigger screen. He will enjoy it more and forget your phone.

#7 Set Passwords

Oh yeah! You must not forget to set passwords so that in case your kid gets your phone, he cannot access it. Be responsible for your data, and for your kid as well!

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