A Small Glimpse Into The Use of LinkedIn for Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing?

Now as a marketer we want to tap into this social networking and have people engage with our brand. This is social media marketing and the most loved one is the definition: “Social media marketing is the Process of Creating Content that is tailored to the context of each individual social media platform, in order to drive user engagement and sharing.” The key takeaway in this definition is to tailor your content to the context of each social media platform. Every platform is unique and for your marketing to succeed on social media it must be native to the platform. Consumers are very ad-savvy and expect brands to fit in on social media. To do this we need to create native content. For example, TV advertisements are not going to be successful on the radio. That is because they involve powerful visuals. It is the same with social media each platform is different and you need to make sure you treat them that way.


LinkedIn is actually one of the oldest social media platforms founded in 2002. It is unique because it is a social network made for professionals. Professionals sign up and create a profile that mimics an online resume. All the features of social remain, such as sharing, networking and consuming information. As a marketer, scream YES! To LinkedIn. A social network of professionals who give up their job titles, industries and location. Many companies pay lots of money for that type of information. But on LinkedIn, it’s there for free to the world. If you’re a B2B marketer than LinkedIn might be your holy grail – if you’re B2C LinkedIn isn’t for you. Here are the targeting options for LinkedIn Advertisement (note: Not all options are included here, but most are):

  • Location: Target by geographic location
  • Company Name: Reach users by companies past or present
  • Company Industry: Targeting by industry
  • Company Size: Target by the employee size of a company
  • Job Title: Reach audiences by current or past job titles
  • Job Function: Choose a job function to target users by
  • Job Seniority: Inferred from a member-entered job title

Years of Experience: Target members by experience. How to be native: be professional. Generally, people are on LinkedIn to do business. Help them learn about what’s new in their industry or how your products/services can help them grow. Your content should in one way or another helping people do business.

Tactics: Write in-depth interesting articles for your target audience. For example, if you’re targeting marketing professionals a report into marketing trends would work well. See a great example from Salesforce below. Share Slide-share presentations. If you’re speaking at events (or even if you’re not) create and share slide decks on LinkedIn.

Now that you have been taken through the core social media platforms. You should be beginning to understand the power of Marketing through Social Media. All this too is just an iota of all the things that there are to do on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a lot of power in itself, to ensure that you become not just well known but also well-reputed job professionals. Moreover, it has a lot of Ad features as well. And for B2B companies, posting Ads on LinkedIn can be more beneficial than you think.

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