Simple Steps To Get Better Results From Live Streamed Kundalini Yoga

In the search for the best ways to awaken our innermost (or some may say spiritual) energy, Kundalini yoga was discovered. This type of yoga is unique from other forms of yoga because, unlike some other forms of yoga, Kundalini yoga is more of a spiritual practice, which comes with many physical benefits. Kundalini is a form of yoga that involves repetitive poses, breathing exercises, chanting, and singing. Fortunately, you can enjoy a live-streamed Kundalini yoga exercise with any visual electrical device.

The purpose of this practice is to trigger your Kundalini energy. This is believed to be spiritual energy located below your spine. Activating this energy is supposed to enhance your awareness, which makes some people refer to it as “the yoga of awareness.”

Live streaming your Kundalini yoga class can have many benefits, especially when you have a tight diary and can’t make time to visit a physical class. Perhaps there isn’t any physical yoga class that offers this type of yoga practice. However, the most crucial factor to consider when having your Kundalini yoga live streamed is how to get the best results from this, with or without easy access to the instructor.

It helps when you understand the practices before engaging in a live-streamed kundalini yoga exercise since you need your breathing and poses to be focused on awakening yourself spiritually. Not worrying about understanding the steps and terms used during the online session would help you get the best result from the exercise.

Kundalini yoga involves six core components, which are carried out in the following pattern:

Opening chant

At the beginning of every class, an opening chant is used to tune into a focused mode.

Pranayama or warmup

these are breathing exercises done after tuning in and sometimes involve some movements/poses to release tension from your spine. The main aim of pranayama is to practice how to control your breath.


This is when postures or poses are in play. Kriya is a sequence of poses, pranayama (breathes), mudras (hand positioning), sounds (chants and singing), and meditation. Your online instructor mostly decides the duration and intensity of this phase.


This lets your body and mind completely take in the kriya’s effects.


Your online instructor leads you through this phase. Its purpose is to help you groom your newly found awareness.

Closing chant

A closing chant is used to conclude the exercise.

The steps of a regular Kundalini meditation session

These steps are to guide you on what to expect from a regular meditation session and not to fall off balance when you are instructed to carry out some actions that you were not expecting or not used to.

  • Sit comfortably to have your spine erected in a 90-degree while having your legs crossed.
  • Position your palms in a prayer pose, having your fingers straight up and parallel to the center of the chest.
  • Have your eyes closed with your focus centered at the brow point where your third eye is located, positioned between your eyebrows and a bit upward?
  • Divide your breath into four equal parts as you proceed to inhale. After taking in four equal breaths, you will need to pause your breath before exhaling, carry out the reverse for outgoing breaths, break it into four equal parts, pause for a few seconds, then let it all out.
  • Pull your navel toward your spine for 7-8 seconds when inhaling and exhaling.

The best duration for the entire meditation practice is usually 3–5 minutes; our mind can actively stay undistracted for this time frame before random thoughts come back flying in. You can aim to increase your meditation duration after consistent practice.


The benefits of getting the best result from a Kundalini yoga exercise exceed spiritual enlightenment; it can help you bring balance to your physical and mental health. However, for the best result, it is advisable to be cautious when taking these exercises if you have issues with your muscles, joints, breathing, or if you are pregnant. Also, If you’re wondering how you could connect with a platform that teaches this type of yoga, feel free to check out free kundalini yoga classes on Roku.

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