Signs that you Need Aluminum Flagpole Repair Services

Installing aluminum nautical flagpoles near you is a big statement. It represents patriotism, resilience, strength, and pride. However, a key point that many forget before flagpole installation is that they need to take extra care and perform routine maintenance.

Without proper care, your flagpole might fail, leading to injuries and accidents. Thus, as soon as you observe an issue with it, you must contact a repair service. Are you unsure about how to identify the problems with your flagpole?

We bring you the top three red flags that demand the attention of aluminum flagpole repair services in California.

Damaged Halyard

If the flag pole is held in its place with a halyard, you must inspect it weekly. It is a rope and pulley system that pulls the flag to the mast’s top and locks it in its position. When lowering the flag, the pulley ensures gradual and steady release. If the pulley is loose or damaged, you must immediately contact the aluminum flagpole repair service in California for its replacement. Moreover, with daily use, the rope can become frayed and won’t be able to hold the flag securely.

If you see any signs of damage in the halyard, it’s time to schedule a repair service.

Leaning Flagpole

Is your flagpole leaning? It can be due to multiple reasons, such as:

• Natural soil settling or shifting has occurred
• Soil erosion has caused the flagpole to lean
• Flagpole has been hit by a car

Irrespective of why your flagpole is leaning, you must contact the aluminum flagpole repair service in California to address the issue. Without timely and proper repair, your flagpole might fall over, leading to serious injury to the passerby.

Missing Swivel Rings

If you own a telescoping flagpole, the flags are securely in place with a swivel ring system. These rings are designed to ensure that the flag is safe when they are being displayed. Moreover, it allows the flag to rotate completely around the people without being wrapped around it. You must conduct a weekly inspection of the swivel rings to ensure they are in good condition. If they are missing or damaged, contact a repair service immediately.

Wrapping Up

To boost the durability and lifespan of your flagpole, you must conduct routine inspections.
If you witness any of the signs mentioned above, you must contact a flagpole repair service. Remember, the longer you avoid fixing it, the risker it becomes for the property and people.

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