Shape your Child’s Future with IB Board Education

Education Board performs a fundamental role in the growth of our child’s personality; a great education board can make the eventual fate of our nation brighter as it all depends on the younger generation. When children are provided with good quality education, it is seen that they become smarter.

In India, there are numerous states which consist of various types of education boards which incorporate ICSC, CBSE, NIOS and IB. Even though all the education boards are given equivalent value, the best-positioned framework is the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). IB schools in Mumbai have heaps of advantages over their competition as they are significantly more effective at conveying their instruction.

IB school primarily focus on the overall development of a child, unlike other education board which focus on the education part. IB education can help your children to blossom like a flower and reach new heights in life.

IB programmes offer a lot when it comes to their education system, they focus on every aspect of a child’s development, be it sports outdoor or indoor, education, personality development, etc. Many Indian education systems lack in the elements of the development of children, and they focus more on the education part as they believe that excellent marks equal to a good career.

There are many international baccalaureate schools in India, some of the top IB schools are in Mumbai, MLSI being one of them, it is one of the best IB schools you can opt for the cognitive development of your child.

IB has many benefits over their counterparts like CBSE, ICSE etc., in IB a student can choose any subjects according to their choice, unlike other state boards which offer the students a selection of four streams like medical, non-medical, humanities and commerce.

With such a wide variety of choices for subjects in IB, it is evident that the children under them are highly likely to succeed. International Baccalaureate has a presence all over the globe which makes them accepted all around the world, is present in 146 countries a great entrepreneur started it in 1968 in Switzerland it has more than 1.4 million students.

It consists of three types of programmes are PYP (Primary Years Programme) which runs from kindergarten to grade 5, MYP (Middle Years Programme) which is from grade 6 to grade 9) and then DP (Diploma Programme) which is the high school; grade 11 and grade 12. With all these programmes on offer MLSI even offers some international credits to its students depending on their GPA.

If parents want to shape the future of their children, then IB is the best option for them, as it is not just beneficial regarding studies but also concerning the overall development of the child. There are many International Baccalaureate schools in India to choose from, one of them being Mount Litera International School.

IB programmes are advanced and are regularly updated, being accepted internationally they follow all the norms, and this makes it the best choice for your child and his/her future.

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