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Seeking a promising career? Go for Big data analytics!

Many of us face the greatest dilemma of our life when we are required to choose a career for ourselves. While technology has always been a lucrative field, yet factors like demand, economic slowdown and lack of growth or opportunities deter us from pursuing technological fields confidently. However, in the last few years technological fields like data science, Machine Learning and Big data analytics have emerged as not only promising but also immensely beneficial.

Wondering why?

Well there are a variety of factors in play here. First of all, the prominence of digitalization has increased significantly. Developed and developing countries alike have increasingly embraced digital transformation which in turn has created a booming economic sector giving rise to many flourishing industries. Especially in a country like India where there has been a great push for digitalization, technological fields like Big data analytics have emerged on the top!

Why Big data analytics matters?

Big data is huge and complicated but it can reveal deep secrets which ultimately leads to business growth and increased efficiency. Big data analytics also has the potential of solving highly complicated problems in fields like Astronomy, Medical science and cybersecurity.

Taming Big data however requires skilled Big data analysts and this is why it has emerged as a very promising career today. A career in Big data analytics offers hefty salary and most importantly it is future proof!

Interested in a career in Big data Analytics? Make sure to pick up Hadoop skills!

Big data is enormous and therefore traditional analysis software suits are incapable of handling Big data. The complicated and voluminous nature of Big data demands sophisticated tools by which analysts can effectively collect huge sets of structured and unstructured data and analyse the same.

Hadoop is in the centre of any work related to Big data. It is a revolutionary technology which allows analysis of Big data even on industry standard hardware and is a complete framework of software utilities for any Big data analytics related task. Hadoop allows users to store any kind of data with massive storage capacity and with limitless processing power! Using a cluster of machines, any organization can leverage Big data with the help of Hadoop and can undertake several tasks at the same time. Interestingly Hadoop is open source thus it offers a very cost-effective solution for any institution or teams to benefit from Big data analytics.

There is always a huge demand for individuals with skills in Hadoop and moreover in India most Big data jobs require expertise in Hadoop. This is why a Big data Hadoop training is essential to secure a successful career in Big data.

In Conclusion

Given the prospects of a career in Big data, ambitious candidates must consider giving it a shot. Whether you are only beginner looking for lucrative opportunities or a seasoned tech professional, a Big data Hadoop training or a certification in Big data analytics may prove immensely beneficial. Moreover, India is embracing Big data and by acquiring Big data skills you can easily usher into a world of opportunities in the country!

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