Sainik 710- Ideal plywood for Your Ideal Kitchen

A modern house with a modular kitchen is everyone’s dream. But deciding the kitchen interior often becomes difficult. The first problem is to select a material. Which material would survive in the kitchen environment? Not all materials are good with exposure to continuous heat and water. Many materials discolor, some materials corrode, and some may even crack.

The concern is not about durability only. Selecting a material that would beautify the kitchen is a concern too. This makes the task more difficult. Durable material with excellent aesthetic value is rare. Also, cost-effectiveness is another considerable factor.

However, there is a solution. We know how plywood can be used in the kitchen interior. Plywood is excellent for interiors. Plywood has multiple uses. This is due to its excellent properties. These features make it the best for the kitchen. But, different grades of Plywood are available in the market. You must choose the best suited Plywood for your kitchen.

For the kitchen interior, Sainik 710 plywood is the best and most cost effective solution. This is a top-quality plywood manufactured in India. For kitchens and dining areas, this is the first choice. The premium quality plywood that is now trending is the Sainik 710 BWP plywood.

BWP Plywood is boiling waterproof. This means it remains undamaged even in boiling water. This depicts how durable it is. Also, it is heat resistant. This means it is safe to use in kitchens. It would provide long-lasting service no matter experimentally, how you use the kitchen.

Before you choose, let us tell you why you must choose Sainik 710 BWP grade plywood over other available options.

Excellent durability

Sainik 710 BWP plywood is exactly what you need to get long-lasting service. It has high impact resistance. It doesn’t crack or bend easily. The compact structure of the plywood makes it strong. Various layers are glued carefully to form a uniform surface. This makes the plywood strong, solid, and durable.

Completely Boiling Waterproof

This is the property that is mandatory for a safe and long-lasting kitchen. Sainik BWP plywood performs well in contact with water, moisture, and heat. Before launching, the plywood has passed a boiling water test that shows that it is the best fit for kitchen usage.

Great versatility and decor options

Top-notch craftsmen use plywood to form different shapes and designs. You can get diverse cabinets and designed kitchen walls. Besides, if you want to add decorative veneers or laminates, you can install them on top of the Sainik 710 waterproof plywood. Thus, plywood provides various opportunities to add decorative values.

Various size and thickness

For various construction purposes you would require thick plywood. To adjust to your necessity, Sainik BWP Plywood are available in various thicknesses starting from 6mm to 19mm. It has different size options too. Thus, it can fit your purpose.


Sainik 710 BWP plywood has an incredibly premium quality yet is a cheap plywood. It is the best, and would fit in your budget. It is available at Rs. 99 per sq. ft. It is the best deal you can get in the market!

Borer and termite free

Sainik 710 is not susceptible to borer and termites. It is chemically treated to keep the unwanted microbes away from you. Surfaces would remain free of infestation thus providing a healthy and safe kitchen for you. Also, this plywood won’t damage fast as borer and termite don’t get to feed on them. Moreover, Sainik 710 comes with a 8 year warranty against such borer and termite attacks.

With 8 years warranty and such excellent properties, Sainik 710 plywood becomes the best choice for your kitchen. Choose Sainik 710 BWP plywood to get long-lasting service and a stunning kitchen interior.

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