Role of Instagram in Reshaping and Redefining the World of Fashion

There is no doubt about the fact that Instagram is one of the most effective photo sharing applications, which has primarily been designed for the purpose of storytelling. Fashion is that industry, which relies on visuals and graphics, in order to grab the attention of more and more customers. According to the authorities of Instagram, they have been successful in democratizing fashion to a completely different level. Instagram had been introduced in the year 2010, and it has been extremely successful in transforming the entire landscape of fashion in different nooks and corners of the globe.

Strong Brand Connection

Since its inception, Instagram has successfully allowed fashion brands to build stronger and constant bonds with their followers. This social media platform has enabled the fashion brands to build their own voice and communicate freely with all their target audience. If you look into the scenario today, the famous and reputed fashion designers are not only restricting their presence to different fashion shows, but they are in constant touch with their followers and target audiences. They are responsible for thinking about the fashion industry in a manner that is capable of touching the lives of more people.

Establishing Brand Identity

You are already aware of the fact that Instagram is undoubtedly the best possible medium for sharing stories. The brands, as well as the fashion retailers, are making use of Instagram as their main tool, in order to demonstrate the personality of their brand. If customers take a look at the different brands and their pages, they will get a proper concept about the lifestyle of the brand, its culture, and not to mention, the products. It is only because of Instagram that these fashion brands are able to reveal their personality to all their target audience. Many brands buy real Instagram likes as well, to attract more people.

Community Management

By making use of this amazing social media platform, the brands are now capable of creating a great community engagement. You are already aware of hashtags. The renowned hashtags are proving to be extremely dependable and a great way of boosting the reach. The popular brands, as well as, the not so popular ones are enjoying heavy community engagement with the help of Instagram.

Getting an Easy Access to Things Happening

Instagram has played an important role in dissolving the unseen lines or boundaries that existed between the fashion community, like the brands, fashion designers, or fashion influencers, and the common public. There is no need to wait for the different and exciting fashion updates or the latest collections from a brand that you absolutely love. Nowadays, the people who belong to the fashion world are interested in taking different pictures of all the runway appearances, and then they post it all over the social media. Many of the famous fashion designers allow their followers as well as fans to look into the scenes from their fashion world.


Thus, it can be rightly said that Instagram has played a huge role in radicalizing and redefining the industry of fashion. The elite fashion world can now easily be accessed by each and every common man.

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