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The Role of the Chief Data Officer

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Big data has become more than just a popular buzzword by becoming an essential part of the organizations. Almost more than 75% of the organizations have already implemented big data projects or about to deploy such projects in near future. The big issue here is to get the exact sustainable value from the vast amount of data in order to deliver a world-class business outcome. That’s why a chief data officer is needed to drive the maximum impact for any data projects. According to Gartner, 90% of the global companies will have a chief data officer by next year. But, the question is how the chief data officer can bring such value for data-driven transformation? Let’s delve into the role first, to get an idea if you aspire to have a lucrative career in big data.

Organizations are trying to build their businesses based on data but it’s extremely difficult to manage that vast amount of data. That’s why we need chief data officers who can play a crucial role in helping them to value their data. The officers manage data as the corporate asset and also plays an important role in determining the usage of the existing or new data to create digital ethics as well. Most of the time, the chief data officer is the senior executive who takes care of the enterprise-wide data, data governance, policy development, control, and strategy. Individuals who are seeking towards a career in big data should possess a deep understanding of the data strategy and the landscape of the business. The role includes responsibility for data protection and privacy to create maximum business value with appropriate data quality and lifecycle management. According to Mckinsey, the role of the chief data officer is considered to be one of the most influential leadership roles in any organization.

This emerging new role can cover an array of major functions such as internal or business functions. But the basic purpose is still to use the data to maximum advantage for the clients and their businesses. To absorb the different points of view on the core data delivery, analytics and governance are one of the expectations of this role. The industry experts are already forecasting that this role will soon transition into the C-Suite role to have optimal results in the business landscape.

The data officer is hugely responsible for recognizing the data-related opportunities to increase revenue, improve productivity, and create a new business paradigm shift with the talents and investments. Today’s data-intensive world needs such a critical role to tailor the various needs of the organization for business development and customer engagement. The data enthusiasts who are looking to grow a career in big data, should have the skills to become a data-driven leader. Because the ever-growing volume of data needs proper maintenance and distribution across the organization. Because the vast amount of data has to be properly utilized as it is a competitive advantage for the fast-forward companies. The chief data officer is in the perfect position to weigh pros and cons of the critical data so that it can be leveraged in numerous ways. They provide insights on how to drive change with innovative data which can actually transform any business. They are solely responsible for driving emerging new technology to drive increased revenue.

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