Revolution of furniture castors with modern twist

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Castors are very essential when talking about the furniture as for more than 100s of years, these parts are getting used on the sofas, beds, chairs, and large pieces of furniture. Generally, these were made of brass or metal and also these were attached with the help of a cup overt the furniture leg or by screwing threads on the legs of the furniture.

All of these traditional castors are still available today and one of the most known versions is the shepherd castors. These castors are also know as ball castors and these allow the furniture to cover a smooth movement in all of the directions and these are very hard wearing for the small and discreet castors. Apart from these applications, traditional castors are also available on the market and those are also helping professionals completing their work with much ease.

However, there are several sizes and all of them come with either a metal or a rubber thread on them. Furniture designers are mindful of sensitive flooring and they often prefer having the furniture castors with rubber tyres on them. Getting these furniture castors fixed is never an easy task to be executed as there are three options and these are of a threaded stem fitting, a peg and socket or a square top plate fitting.

The standard color for the shepherd is supposed to be beige, but dark brown and bright nickel are also available. However, these dark brown and bright nickel colors are only done if there is any order special. The form and function of manufacturing these castors have not been changed for years and still proves to be the popular among the furniture manufacturers and designers.

Nowadays, there is an explosion of furniture castors’ designs and also in order to bring some modern twist, a range of designer castors have been developed. Therefore, these contemporary castors are meeting up with design demands for both of the form and function. These designer castors offer consumers to have a better idea while they want to have something from the modern and contemporary option.

For modern point of sale and shop lifting designs, designer castors have proven themselves to be ideal along with the concept furniture, tables, and chairs. Designer castors are not there for offer, but also professionals are able to fulfill the requirements their customers have from them. These come on a range of 65mm diameter to 100mm diameter and it does not matter whether they are threaded with stem fitting or have plat attached, these castors are able to offer modern look along with elegance and practical assembly.

The smallest castor that comes in this market is of a 40mm diameter wheel. However, these miniature castors are suitable for the shop fitting and for equipment that are used for display on the shops. Furniture are mostly for light duty and incredibly discreet and also these applications can be fitted within the furniture and get displayed by a peg or a socket system whichever will be suitable.

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