Retail Therapy: Four Reasons Why Shopping is Good for the Soul

Honestly, shopping beats therapy, anytime. It costs the same and you get a dress out of it. –Sophie Kinsella

We have all been there and at some point of our lives, we have seen shopping as an avenue for taking away all of our worries and alleviating whatever might be ailing us at that particular moment.

Some might argue that this is a rather exorbitant way to address your woes, but to the others not only is it far cheaper and more effective, you can score a dress, a handbag or a pair of shoes out of it as well. Regardless of what your stance on retail therapy might be, there has never been any doubt that it is real and for some individuals, it works wonders and better than any therapist in the world. The reality is, much like there is such a thing as comfort eating, there is also comfort shopping. Albeit the latter sounds much more expensive, the thought of treating yourself to anything—whether that may be a new purse or a new video game would always feel good. However, you will be pleased to know that retail therapy or comfort shopping is a lot healthier than comfort eating. After all, the former does not contain ant calories at all. In any case, seeing anything aesthetically appealing to the eye and acquiring it gives us a rush of euphoria and when we are feeling our lowest, we tend to indulge it. Indeed, a buyer’s high is real and the effects would help us get dressed better and see the prospect of facing the world a lot more exciting. If you needed any more justification on splurging for your future shopping excursion in Glorietta or elsewhere, here are the best reasons why retail therapy can be considered a medicine by itself:

  • When you look good, you feel good

Buying stuff you like will inevitably make you feel better. After all, why bother buying the very same item if it is not going to give you a rush of elation upon acquiring it, right? Whether you are buying sartorial items or something for the home, if you are purchasing anything to improve your current situation, you will feel good. It would feel right and it would feel new.

  • Shopping is a celebration

Surviving a rather taxing week at work demands you to treat yourself. In fact, it might even motivate you to get that designer brand purse you have been eyeing all month just to give yourself a pat at the back for all the hard work you have done. Alternatively, you might be stressed and letting out a little steam from your wallet might just be what you need. In any case, you would always feel like what you spent would be worth it.

  • It signifies transition

Whenever we buy something new, it is usually to prepare ourselves for new experiences. In this regard, we need to ensure we are well-equipped to meet those. Much like if you are anxious about going away to college or moving to a new city, you decorate your new room to give it the familiar feeling of home. Similarly, if you are preparing to welcome a baby into the world, you would be shopping for it to ensure that you would be ready by the time for its arrival. New outfits and ensembles for dates would give you a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Indeed, it is through our myriad of purchases that we not only make ourselves feel better, not only prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

  • It is an excellent me time

Sure, it might sound egocentric but treating yourself every once in a while is good practice for self-love. In fact, when you shop, you can really spend time with yourself and focus on the things that truly matter. Retail therapy is both an avenue for release and enjoyment. If you look at beautiful things, dressed in them or acquired them, you too would feel beautiful.

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