karan oberoi male model from india

It Requires Patience, Faith, Hard Work and Determination To Become A Top Male Model Like Karan Oberoi ‘KO’

Karan Oberoi also referred by his initials KO, is an Indian born modeling star that has been featured in magazines, publications, runways and dozens of product campaigns. He had worked with more than a hundred commercials and fashion photographers from all over the country. Karan Oberoi model is one of the few models in India who has been successful both in fashion and fitness modelling. He has walked 300 plus shows/events across the world especially in the Middle East. He won the ‘Youth Icon Model of the Year’ award at Global Leadership Awards in April, 2018 because of his tremendously impressive work and the passion that keep him striving for perfection. KO has worked for some of the biggest brands and designers in the fashion world. Karan has modelled for several National and International brands such as Royal Enfield, Fashion Big Bazaar, British Nutrition health supplements, Spunk sportswear, Reebok and many other.

Like any success story, these didn’t happen instantly; Karan Oberoi model had to work extremely hard and his bull’s eye determination to be where he is today. Born in upper middle class  Sikh family, holder of double postgraduate degrees, he started his career as a graphic designer with one of the leading advertising firms Grey Worldwide. Karan Oberoi model at that time didn’t know anything about modeling, while working on those ads he suddenly got that one brake to work as a model in a commercial and then rest is history.

Karan OberoiIn an industry like Glamour, it isn’t easy to sustain so long. Many try to become models but very few get recognition for their work and get supermodel or top model status. The only way to touch the zenith of any industry is hardwork, passion, discipline and most importantly patience which definitely lacks in today’s youth, they want everything at a blink of an eye. This is the major factor that majority of men fail to touch the heights in their career, their faith shakes and they change path which leads to failure. In the same manner to be a top model you need to keep developing your skills and constantly need to work on your looks and body, which majorly requires discipline. For most of the men, to be a model is more about fun, they enter industry keeping in mind that it shall be fun to be in modeling world but majority of them don’t take it as a serious career so they eventually disappears despite of doing really well in the industry.

karan oberoi male modelYes there is no doubt that you need the looks, the attitude, a great body to really succeed in this highly competitive and cut throat industry but major thing that falls short to make you a world’s top male model is faith and patience which should be cultivated to become one.

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