How to Replace Bathroom Shower Door Rollers?

You know that juddering, squeaking or creaking noise that your shower doors have started making when you open them each morning? It probably means that your shower door rollers need some attention and may need to be replaced.

As you know, shower enclosures can be very expensive and therefore you can extend their life by years if you can just find replacements for the rollers rather than having to buy a whole new enclosure.

So what is the best way to find out which rollers you needed, and where can you find such things?

Well, first of all, you should identify whether it is the top or the bottom rollers, or both, that need replacing, and you can take a picture of them on your phone whilst you start your search.

If you need to remove the door to get a better view of the door rollers, you will often find that you can lift the door off the tracks, or there will be a little button on the bottom door rollers that you can press to release the door from the track.

Once you can see what you are looking for, the most likely place you will find replacements is online. You can use your favorite search engine and just type in shower door rollers or shower door wheels which should take you to some likely websites to find your replacements.

Some of these sites offer a shower door roller matching service where you can send in a photo of your roller along with your measurements.

Speaking of measurements, if you can you should measure the size of the wel from edge to edge (the diameter) and also the thickness of the wheel.

Other important measurements are things like the size of the hole that the shower wheel or roller will fit in your shower door glass and the distance from the center of the opening to the sting of the glass

You are most likely to find what you are looking for by checking the product images for those that look most like yours, although sometimes if you have an usual shower door roller, it may be that they have been discontinued, but that another roller would fit in which case do check for other rollers which match your measurements, even if they don’t look the same.

Good luck with your search. Finding suitable replacement shower door rollers can save you a lot of money for only a moderate amount of effort!

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