Rekeying: Is It For You?

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Rekeying is a process employed by professional locksmiths to replace the old pins and springs in the lock cylinder with new ones that will only work with new keys. It is especially helpful for people who have moved into a new place or have had a burglary or had their older keys compromised somehow. It ensures that your older key is rendered useless when used to open the newly rekeyed lock protecting your home’s security.  Rekeying often proves to be a better option that replacing your lock completely. So here’s a look at the pros and cons of rekeying.

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The Pros of Rekeying

  1. Cost Effective

A very common mistake that new home owners make as soon as they move in is change their new locks and replace them with newer ones which are often cheap and of an inferior quality. They are completely unaware of the fact that older locks can be of really good quality and a simple rekeying them will have their job done. Rekeying is always less costly than buying new locks of really good quality. You can easily find professional locks rekeying services, MA by a single google search.

  1. Increased Security

Rekeying your old lock will leave all the previous keys to the lock useless. So even I anyone might have got their hand on the keys to your home, be it previous home owners or just about anyone who might have a copy of your old key cannot simply walk into your space after the rekeying is done.

  1. Fast and Easy Installation

When handled by a profession lock smith, rekeying is a much faster alternative to replacing the entire lock. It is a quick and easy process requiring little manpower. A lock smith supported by his humble toolkit containing a key decoder, a catch tool, spanner and the current key for the lock being rekeyed can efficiently handle the job within a few hours.

The Cons of Rekeying

  1. Security Upgrade

When we replace an old lock with a new one, we have the opportunity to upgrade the security system by option for a better version of the lock. We can choose and customize the lock according to our security needs. However, when we are rekeying the lock, we can only change the combination of locks and springs of the existing lock. There is no place for upgrading to a better system.

So should you consider rekeying your lock?

You should keep in mind your budget and security needs you are looking for. If you have moved into a new house or lost your key recently to a lock which is of good quality and needs no upgradation, then you can definitely get your lock rekeyed by a professional locksmith who can rekey your locks in, MA.

But, in case you want to up your home’s security system with a better, new age lock then you can definitely invest in a good lock. The new higher grade lock might burn a bigger hole in your pocket but it is worth every penny given your home’s new and improved security.

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