Reasons of Low Water in Your Building

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Every commercial building owner and tenant had dealt with a common issue of low water supply once in their living tenure. This low pressure of water may affect your daily routine and should be treated as soon as possible.

There are numerous causes of low water pressure in your pipes and the irony is that it can be prevented by the homeowner or by the building supervisor if they maintain the plumbing pipes and sinks on a regular basis. But before that, you need to identify the problem which causes this kind of issues. So here are some most common reasons why your commercial building or houses lose water pressure

  • Water Leakage:

The main reason which plumbers often noted which causes low water pressure is leakages. Leakage of pipes can occur at any time and anywhere and you will probably not aware of it. If the leakage is on the main pipe, then the continuous dropping of water from the leaky area can significantly drop in water pressure. If you face similar issues in future, then it’s best to contact professional plumber rather than handling it on your own. You should have some plumbing supplies at your home for such plumbing emergencies.

  • Rusting Pipes:

Rusting pipes are also the main culprit when it comes to low water pressure causes. Water pipes didn’t last for long unless it’s stainless or something, it will definitely get rusty in some years and even in some months. Rust can block the pipes from draining the water in forward direction which ultimately leads to low water pressure. Rusting pipes are also prone to breakage, which cause some serious plumbing issues. These rusting pipes should be replaced immediately so that you can get the proper flow of water and continue your daily activities.

  • Valve Problems:

We all know there is a main valve in every commercial building which controls the inflow of water. If this valve breaks down, the flow of water in the entire building could get affected. Although these valves are robust, there is some age of everything and they should be replaced before their liability ends. So the first thing which everyone should consider is to use high-quality valves because if the quality of valve compromised then the whole building would suffer from this.

  • Water Supply Issue:

Sometimes the reasons for low water pressure are not associated with your house. For example, your city’s water supply changes can affect the water pressure in subsequent areas. You can’t do anything when such condition occurs; you can just wait until the issue resolve. Such issues didn’t occasionally happen it’s usually due to when your government wants to add some new connections to existing capacity.

  • Obstruction:

Obstruction is one of the main causes of low water pressure in your buildings. Sometimes we carelessly drain foreign materials like toilet papers, plastic bags and other things which we normally throw in the trash can. These foreign objects stuck in the pipes and restrict the flowing water which ultimately leads to low water pressure.  Fortunately, we can prevent this problem if we show some sense of responsibility and throw the things where they belong to. If you won’t do so, then you have to pay some serious price for that, because this problem will not only affect your house but the whole building will suffer due to your negligence.

Solutions to Resolve All These Issues at Initial Level:

Although there are many reasons why a building loses water pressure, there are some solutions too which can help you to resolve these issues at the initial level. In some cases, use of water booster pumps and pressure tanks can help you resolve your low water pressure issue. Furthermore, replacing your main valve and pipes can also solve your buildings and home problems. You can easily get all these plumbing supplies at your nearest hardware stores.

Last but not least, you should get in touch with a commercials plumber which could reach at your place immediately when you face any plumbing emergency and resolve your respective issue a soon as possible.

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