What are the reasons behind the success of Call Centres in India?

Call centres in India have been witnessing the exponential growth in terms of success. This is the industry which plays a vital role in the growth of Indian economy. Earlier, BPOs of India were limited to the inbound the services but now they offer outbound and web-enabled services too. Apart from that, India is the second country with the largest English speaking population. This gives Indian BPOs an upper hand on the call centres of other nations. Therefore, so many businesses are so eager to choose call centres/ Even, Indian government knows the importance of outsourcing and that’s why all the policies are made in such a way that promotes this industry like there is no restrictions on investment, less licensing requirements, offering better resources, and much more.

Have a look at the following reasons which make Indian call centres successful day by day:

Easy availability of skilled employees

The reason which makes Indian call centres successful is the easy availability of skilled employees as the number of graduates have been increasing for many years. Therefore, call centres don’t have to pay higher wages to their staffs. Apart from this, their employees get their training in such a manner that helps them in handling the international customer’s queries.

The benefit of different Time zone:

Time zone of India attracts many western countries because there is the time difference of around twelve hours between them. This implies that foreign companies can easily provide round the clock assistance to their customers if they approach Indian call centres. And, there is a high availability of English speaking employees which is nothing less than icing on the cake for the overseas companies.

A high rate of customer satisfaction

The factor which makes call centre in india are different from others is their higher rate of customer satisfaction and the reason behind this is their large workforce which answers the maximum number of calls in a day. As we know that, the number of dropped calls is inversely proportional to the consumer’s satisfaction. Therefore, many organisations approach the Indian BPOs to strengthen the bond with their customers.

Cost effective services:

Call centres in India offer their services including inbound, telemarketing, technical support, email support, chat support etc. at the pocket-friendly rate to their clients without compromising their productivity. The rate of Indian BPO’s services is 50% lesser than the foreign BPO’s services and this huge difference between draws the attention of many companies. And, if you are a business owner, you can understand that saving money and time are the two key factors to run an organisation for a long duration.

Experience and Technology:

Call centres in India have been working for more than 20 years and this humungous experience makes them the first choice of numerous organisations. Apart from that, Indian BPO sector is well-equipped with the latest technology and this leads to better productivity. Both the factors ensure the high-quality customer support services and that is the first demand of any company and this adds another positive point in the favour of Indian call centres.

No language barriers:

As we discussed that, India has the second largest English speaking population in the world but the factor which will impress you more is many Indian call centres also have the teams of employees that can speak Japanese, French, Spanish, German, etc. with zero error. This attracts many multinational companies which have customers all across the world. As a business owner, if you offer your services in customer’s native language, it will not only improve the customer’s retention rate but also attracts the new customers and that means high business’s profitability.

Wrapping up:

We hope that you got the idea on why call centres in India are so successful as compared to the foreign one. But still, you think that something is missing or want to ask some questions regarding the same, make use of our comment section. And, if you want to know more about the Indian BPO industry, follow us.

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