Corona Treated PET Film

Reasons Behind the ever Growing Demand and Popularity of Chemically Treated Films

Whether to believe or not, the recent innovation in the field of chemically treated flexible packaging materials has touched each and every aspects of the life of a contemporary manufacturer’s community the world over. In the list of beneficiaries, those manufacturers come first who deal in packaged food and other such material like cooking oil and any other types of liquids.

These printed and laminated pouches are very widely used in the packaging of a large number of food items in such a way that they can take up their entire journey to their final destination without fail. Out there in the market, the packaging materials made using chemically treated and Corona Treated PET Film machines are easily available in a comprehensive varieties, some of them include the following-

  • Printed Packaging Pouch

  • Flexible laminates rolls

  • Plastic pouches etc.

  • Packaging films

  • Printed flexible packaging material

  • Sealed printed laminated pouch

Features and attributes of high quality chemically treated film / PET Films/ polyester film include the following-

  • They offer excellent heat resistance when processed.

  • The melting point for standard polyester film is 265°C.

  • Unmatched electrical properties

  • Exemplary dielectric resistance and excellent dielectric stability

  • Excellent chemical resistance that resists almost all types of chemicals

  • Great barrier attributes

  • Co-extruded polyester films offer unmatched barriers to air and moisture

  • Crystal clear transparency that grabs attention

  • Come with great adhesion lacquers as well as inks

  • Excellent thermal and mechanical properties

These pet films can be utilized for a large number of lamination and printing applications. If we primarily consider the households, then these globally accepted flexible packaging materials are simply a must. You can very easily find these materials in sealed, beautifully printed laminated rolls and zippers in almost each and every home.

The packaging related advantages of these films-

  • These printed materials are mainly used for lunch packaging for kids and even professionals.

  • When packed, no edible is prone to any kind of contamination and perfectly preserved till it serve its final purpose.

  • These packaging materials always keep the user tension-free as far as the hygiene of the packed food is concerned.

Be it biscuits, salty try snacks, wafers, toffees and any other item, everything needs first-class and attractive packaging. To meet the ever growing demands such packaging materials, there are companies in India manufacturing high quality packaging films. These companies not only supply these materials in India but also overseas with complete quality assurance and the best value for money. In case you are also in need of these high quality packaging stuffs to make your products dominate the market, then can initiate contact with reputed manufacturers.

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