The reason why Airplane coffee tastes bad

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Let’s accept it; airplane coffee actually tastes the worst. It tastes like coffee is just brewed in water, or maybe it was not even brewed properly. Nobody likes coffee in the airplanes. But what is the reason that people don’t like airplane coffee?

Maybe due to coffee beans?

Does the coffee taste bad due to the low quality coffee beans? Well earlier maybe airplane staff used to get low quality coffee beans, but as the crave and popularity of coffee increased, airlines had no other option than to get good coffee beans. Major coffee bean exporters are now contacted by airlines to provide high-quality coffee beans so that the people traveling could have a good coffee.

There are certain airlines who even promote the type of coffee that they are providing on the flight. Either they are in contract with some good coffee businesses like Starbucks or Dunkin’ donuts or they get good quality coffee beans and ground them to provide coffee to the people.

Different airlines provide different types of coffee. If you are traveling in Alaska Airlines or Delta, then you would get a cup of Starbucks. For United Airlines, it is Hawaiian Kona blend while in American airlines, one would get Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from Java city. Dunkin Donuts is in contract to provide coffee to the passengers traveling in JetBlue but without any donuts.

But what is the surety that the coffee provided is fresh and not grounded the last day? One could never know. But there must be some reason for that bad taste of the coffee though.

Maybe the water?

It was found out by Environmental Protection Agency that the water used in commercial airlines, when tested, showed positive for the presence of Coliform. Coliform indicates that the water could contain harmful bacteria or infectious microorganisms which could harm the health of a person and can even degrade the taste of water. Due to the presence of Coliform in water, coffee tastes bad in airplanes.

What should we do?

Well we cannot simply leave drinking coffee right? Either you can have a cup of coffee before you are off for the flight so that you don’t have to crave for a cup in the flight. Or else you can have a cup of coffee in the airport. This applies for the flight that is for short distances. For a long journey, you can bring your own coffee bags and have it with water. Buy a bottle of water in the airport after you go through the security check-up. Though it was banned that people cannot bring their own brewer inside the flight, as the passengers used to do that which further caused problems.

Major coffee bean exporters are now providing high-quality coffee beans to the airlines so that the beverage does not lose its charm. If you are traveling for a long distance, it’s better to have some coffee coated candies or chocolates. Or else you can make your coffee with a bottle of water and coffee bags and prevent yourself from the jet lags.

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