Range Rover Svautobiography Dynamic: Paradoxical Climax

With the most powerful engine ever placed under the hood of a Range Rover, this SVAutobiography Dynamic version wants to combine luxury with power and dynamism. Paradoxical for an animal weighing more than 2.5 tonnes? We are investigating.

With the growth spurt of the SUV segment, niches are emerging in every corner. In addition to models with impressive crossing capacities, we have seen the appearance of versions with sporting ambitions and others with supposedly specific virtues. But what about the most iconic of all SUVs, the Range Rover? Crossing and luxury, he knows all about it. What about dynamism?


While the Range Rover Sport benefits from a specific SVR version, focused solely on sportiness, the large Range Rover, on the other hand, focuses on luxury. Thus, to compete with the Bentley Bentayga and other Rolls-Royce Cullinan, its SVAutobiography version is transformed into a long-chassis limousine. And then there’s this Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic. A sort of 4×4 halfway between luxury and sportiness, it is supposed to offer the best of both worlds.

Available only in standard wheelbase, this large 5 m long SUV takes up some aesthetic elements of the long chassis version (LWB). We therefore find a grille with chrome accents, bodywork elements in graphite color and the finish in streaked chrome. History to accentuate the dynamic side with used cars for sale in japan online , it is also equipped with red brake calipers as well as a specific exhaust.

Inside, we find the same streaked chrome on a few controls and pedals in addition to an SVAutobiography plaque on the center console. Obviously, the interior is dressed in the best leather, from the seats to the headliner through the dashboard.

The largest

Let us come to this dynamic side. Under the hood of this behemoth, we find the famous 5.0-liter compressed V8, well known in the Jaguar Land Rover family. Here it produces 565 hp and 700 Nm of torque. To put it simply: it is the most powerful engine to ever take place under the hood of the “Big Range”.

Coupled, like all other engines, to an 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF and all-wheel drive, this big mill takes this SUV thinking as much as Windsor Castle to 100 km / h in just 5.4 seconds . Top speed? It is limited to 250 km / h.

Designed by SVO

So far, we grant you, this version is nothing very special. It takes body parts from the LWB and limits its engines to an engine, already known moreover. However, Land Rover claims that this Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic was developed by the SVO department.

Dedicated to the modification of special vehicles, these teams have modified the chassis, the steering box, the exhaust and even the suspension with specific rockets and rods. All this to bring the Range closer to the ground by 8 mm and better control its roll hold.


These changes to the chassis completely transform the personality of Range Rover. Yet the paradox persists. On the one hand, this dynamic version will manage to come out of the game on a winding road, by combining grip, power and body maintenance – even if its competitors with active roll bars do better on this last point. But the main problem always remains the same: the weight. At 2,590 kg, she’s a hell of a beast and her brakes, although enormous, have a hard time slowing down this cavalry going full blast.

On the other hand, the dynamic characteristic of this Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic takes a bit of a bite out of luxury. Certainly, the opulence of presentation is present, both inside and out, but the chassis transformations affect the suspension filtering. Expansion joints, manhole covers, and concrete roads will all send unwanted vibrations into the frame and steering column. Which makes it the least comfortable Range Rover. Paradoxical for a large SUV which, at its core, advocates luxury… and comfort!


This Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic seems to be an eternal undecided. Oscillating between comfort, capacity for crossing and dynamism, it loses itself in its ambition for pluralism and shines in nothing, apart from opulence. Billed at over € 180,000, however, it succeeds in the luxury and exclusivity aspect.

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