The Quintessential FAQ on Seedboxes for Beginners

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You must have heard about seedbox if you’ve recently opened up a BiT Torrent account. So, by now you’re peers must have alerted you that owing a seedbox offers a plethora of benefits.

However, if you’re new to this chances are you still feel that seedboxes are complex and hard to comprehend. Technically, the concept of seedbox may seem a bit intimidating. But, in reality, it isn’t so difficult.

Rather, owing a seedbox will offer you protection from ISP tracking to high-speed internet. So, let’s understand more about seedboxes via this FAQ.

Let’s Being:

Q1. What is a Seedbox?

Seedbox stands for a remote Plex server that runs via a super-fast data centre featuring a public IP address. This is used by users for downloading and uploading torrents at very high speed.

This speed ranges via ‘10Gbps or 1250 MB/s’ or ‘100 Mbps or 8MB/s’, and people who use seedbox can moreover, use this to securely download innumerable files to their PC anonymously.

  1. Why Do You Need a Seedbox?

Now, it is entirely one’s own choice whether they wish to invest in a seedbox or not. However, there are many reasons why you might want to invest in a seedbox or not.

Firstly, addressing the low issue of Private trackers. If you’re a private tracker by now you know how difficult it is to build up a ratio. Moreover, buying the upload ratio is expensive too. Even if you are continually downloading content this volume can run high. This is why a seedbox can aid you out, by saving you a good amount of money, as the seedbox automatically seeds and improves the Torrent ratio.

Additionally, other reasons to invest in a seedbox are –

  • Seedboxes offer protection from tracking via the government. Most seedbox providers offer a VPN that helps restrict the amount of information shared with ISP. As a result, your online identity remains anonymous.
  • Sometimes the ISP is pressured by agencies like DCMA, and their Asian and European equivalents when they feel that internet users are misusing restricted sites. So, the DCMA, as a result, sends warning emails to people. These emails can be legal and charge fines. If you wish to avoid such things and enjoy unlimited Torrenting, then switch to a seedbox.
  1. How Safe is a Seedbox?

One of the prime reasons to use a seedbox is that they offer enhanced safety. As it makes a user anonymous, no one can track your internet activity via your PC/Laptop or other means. In short, there is no digital footprinting left for anyone to accuse you of using torrents illegally.

Just ensure that while using the seedbox, you’re also making use of the FTP protocol. The FTP helps promote encrypted transmission between transferring files from the seedbox to a PC.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the basic points and FAQ on seedbox, hurry and find a reputed plex hosting company today. Now, enjoy unlimited downloads without the worry of discovery simply with a seedbox.

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