How Can You Protect Your Computer From All Kinds of Threats?

In the present day, computers, tablets, and laptops can be seen in any urban Indian home. They have become an inseparable part of your home appliances. With this device, imagine the tasks you can do. You can pay bills, transfer money, order food and then even post on social media platforms. In short, these devices have become a third arm. And in all these devices, confidential information about your family and bank details will be stored in the form of data. So, they have to be kept safe and secure. In this article, let us discuss how can you protect your computer from all kinds of threats.

Let us go the basics.

  1. Passwords – Importance

You need to ensure that the device (tablet/computer/laptop) stays password protected. It is the best way to prevent data from being stolen from your system. Or else, anyone eavesdropping may get into your computer, and steal or delete data.

If you have bypassed this single step, then the vital information in your computer is left open to identity thieves. Suppose the laptop/computer gets stolen or misplaced, imagine the unfortunate circumstances.

A.Guidelines to Protect Passwords

  • If you have newly joined an office, you should never write the password and store it near the laptop or computer. Save it in your memory to maintain the secrecy.
  • Do you work in an office? If you need to move away from the computer, then it should remain password protected. Or else, you can program it to lock automatically.
  • If you have sensitive files in your laptop, then ensure to protect the specific drive or documents with passwords. You can learn online to lock the documents.
  • Last, but not the least, never keep the laptop without a guard in public space. Few minutes are all that a thief may need to transfer information.

  1. Software

Just look at the news. Trojans, spyware, and viruses can attack your computer. These unwanted guests can gain access to your computer without permission, steal files or put your computer at risk. So, you need to possess software to prevent this unwanted malware.

A.Anti-virus Software

As you know, this software checks every item that you download from the internet. In case of malware or any threat, they are destroyed.


If spyware gets into your system, then it keeps track of your password strokes and relays the information to a hacker. So, it is vital that antispyware is needed. Unwelcome bugs get destroyed, even if they make an entry.


You need to keep the software up-to-date. There are thousands of hackers who have bots on the internet to search for vulnerabilities in an individual computer or office system. So, without updates, the antivirus or antispyware software will have less chance to defend your computer against the recently designed malware.

  1. Hacking/Ransomware

In recent times, this term has become famous. A person with smart computer skills can gain access to your computer without authorization. He can delete or transfer files without your knowledge. He can then sell the confidential information and make money.

In ransomware, the hacker locks your computer. You need to send him money for getting the encryption key. In the meantime, your files or other information will stay in encrypted condition. There are two types of ransomware – Lockscreen ransomware or encryption ransomware.


You need to have an update spyware/software installed in your system.

  1. Firewalls

When you access the internet, the devices get connected with each other. So, if a hacker working in a computer can find a weakness in your system, he/she can easily access the device. It is mandatory to ensure that the users approved by you should access the data. In these situations, it is essential to have a firewall.

The antivirus checks the emails and files transferred between you and the web. In a similar fashion, the firewall can act as a guard between the device and other devices. Please note, when you are surfing the internet, the firewall should always be on. If you have any doubts regarding the firewalls, check with the OS guide in your system. You may get the right guidelines. And do not forget, that the firewall also needs updates.

  1. Browser Settings

To access the internet, you use a browser. Right? But do you know that it has security settings of its own? Ensure you use a reputed browser,  the reason, some browsers are not ready to offer protection. For example, you browse through a new website. Does the browser give a message stating that the website is not secure? A smart person will also use the browser as an additional layer of protection.

You need to ensure the browser has the recent updates. If you get a notification about an update or new version, then you should install it.

Do children or novices use the computer in your home? Then it is necessary to set the maximum security settings.

  1. OS Updates

It is the Operating System which manages all the work on your computer. Similar to the firewall, security spyware, and browser, sometimes, the OS can also become a weak spot for hackers. So, ensure that the OS is updated to the recent version. Please note, every OS manufacturer will release new versions called as patches or fixes.

  1. Public WiFis

Are you traveling to a new area? Then there are chances that your mobile connection will not get the signals to access the internet. In such situations, you have to depend on public WiFi at malls and railway stations. In these situations, you need to ensure working through a VPN. There are chances that the hacker has installed a fake WiFi panel. If you access the internet via this WiFi, then the hacker can get to know your every activity.

  1. Public Internet Cafes

There are also chances that you may have to access internet cafes. In this situation, you need to ensure that all work done by you is deleted. Do not forget to remove the cache after you close the email or social media platforms.

Please note that these systems will always have viruses or other malware. So, if you save any file in a USB, do not plug the same small device directly to your laptop and then open it. Ensure the antivirus software in your computer/laptop first scans the pen drive/USB and then open it.

  1. Downloading & Sharing of Files

If you are working in an office via the internet, then there are occasions you may have to download pictures, programs, documents, and movies. There are situations when you will have to share the files with another user.

In these occasions, you need to scan the files before downloading them to your computer. And as we have already mentioned before, you need to update every security measure and OS during the process of file sharing. There are chances, you may have to deactivate the firewall to enable the sharing of files. But do not forget to keep the firewall updated to the recent version.


So, mentioned in the article are some threats which can affect your computer. Have you read the entire article on how can you protect your computer? Hope you have got valuable information.

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Did you gain information on the computer threats through this article? We sincerely hope you have gained enough information from this article.


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