The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

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Are you a parent who is thinking to homeschool your but have different doubts about it? Are you confused about making a final decision?

Here we would be discussing few pros and cons of homeschooling so that you are better placed while making a decision.


The most fundamental benefit of homeschooling kids is that they have the freedom to learn whatever they want to using the curriculum that was made by their parents for them. The children would be in a learning mode the whole day however this would be done in a fun way. The parents would be able to teach their kids in both theoretical and practical manner. Parents would be able to implement all the learning in daily routine.

The family can also implement learning by making trips to different places whenever they want to. These places can be different educational places or institutions. The family won’t have to worry about the time as they can go make these visits without any interruption of school schedule. Older kids can be given tasks like budgeting or planning so that they learn the basics of planning and management. Such kids can also be given tasks like road mapping and geography learning. This can be done by guiding them about all the places that they pass by.

Those children who are sensitive can be protected from bullies in this manner. Children can remain safe from negative influences. They would be surrounded by their family which loves them and cares for them. This method is effective in eliminating stress from the kids in case they are bullied and embarrassed at school. If the situation is serious then kid should be taken out of the school for some time. If situation is really bad and there are no chances of improving then in such a situation parents are left with no choice but to take their child out of this miserable situation and homeschool them for at least sometime.

This homeschooling concept is very good for children who easily get distracted and children who suffer from attention deficit problem.  The parents of such children would know their needs and hence would be able to handle them in a more effective manner while homeschooling them. This might not be possible with school teaching. The parents can eliminate distractions that create problem the for child’s concentration. In homeschooling the child would be able to get full attention that they need which might not be possible at the school.

Also those children who have some learning disabilities can be homeschooled easily and hence do not feel to be left behind in any manner. Their confidence and self-esteem is not damaged in any manner thanks to homeschooling. Overall homeschooling can be used to train kids to be a competitive individual.


The biggest problem with home schooling is that no matter how good the parents design their learning schedule, it would always be very difficult to match the standards that are usually provided in a professional educational institute. It is also difficult for parents to match the way teachers convey their lectures to students.

At school, a child is also able to follow a specific schedule and is supposed to follow school timings daily. This might not be possible to follow when you are homeschooling. At school, a child can also take part in different activities that can help greatly with his education. Such kind of extracurricular activities might not be possible at home. At school, a child is also able to interact with children belonging to various backgrounds and hence learns a lot about diversity and improvise his communication skills. Student also gets to get involved in outdoor activities like sports while being at school which might not be possible with homeschooling.

In my view, homeschooling is a very good option for those kids who are facing some kind of physical or mental disability. I also think that those kids who are being bullied at school shouldn’t be kept away from the school for a long period or else that can have its own negative impact too. UAE universities also offer different online courses which is a good example of homeschooling. In any case, it all depends on the needs of a child that whether he or she should be homeschooled or not.

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