Professional Ship Chandlers in Dubai

Professional Ship Chandlers in Dubai for Marine Assistance

The ship chandlers are a professional service provider to the marine industry. They offer all the ship supplies which are necessary for ships. This includes spare parts, ship supplies, stores and others. They are serving major ports for years with their extensive network and quality services.

You can outsource the world-class facilities from these professional service providers as they include huge space for warehousing, the refrigerators which are highly energy efficient, the large number of vehicles which comes with the climate control system and a complete range of technical and food stores for all around.

Products as per catalogs

These ship chandlers in Dubai carry a wide number of products which allows them to proffer all the clients wide number of goods and ensures all that their products will be available on a constant basis. You can get a complete range of the items which are as per ISSA and IMPA catalogs and all other items which are important for a ship to run and operate.

It is true that every ship stops at their destination port after a huge halt only. Thus, it is necessary for a ship to have its important things in their stock so that they don’t find any difficulty during their voyage. They cannot find any of the stores in the middle of the sea.

Thus, they need to be fully stocked up with all things from engine supplies to food and others. On the other hand, you can find various ship chandlers that are known for their service.  No matter, where you ship is going to halt they can reach all the supplies on your port and can promise hassle-free services.

Best services by ship chandlers

These ship chandlers in UAE cater all the need of all the ships. They include trained staff that hold complete knowledge about local markets and can offer all the supplies on time. Some of the helpful services apart from ship supplies provided by them are,

  • The delivery trucks which are temperature controlled
  • The warehouse facilities for bond shipments
  • Complete knowledge of engine and deck stores
  • Equipped containers for refrigerated goods
  • Bonded stores which include tobacco, alcohol and food

These ship chandlers follow the best system of freight management altogether. They can offer a complete range of services at fair prices. They are known for their rich services and known really effective for the whole ship industry. You can get in touch with them 24 x 7 assistance andthey also have a place for custom bonds to cater to all the needs of the ship.

Best services by ship chandlers

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Delivers different ship supplies

This allows the export of goods and supplies with duty-free. On the other, the temporary importation bond for the repairs and spares are also available. The top-notch service provider offers a complete range of bonded stores. No matter, whether for duty-free shop or slop chest, their scope covers all which includes,

  • Traveling goods
  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Chocolates or sweets
  • Cigarettes and tobacco
  • Alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks

These ship chandlers proffer the wide number of dry, fresh and frozen provisions for catering diversified needs and demands. They stay completely compliant with the high-end demands of the present supply chain of food and even the safety standards as well. Their food assortment includes dry and fresh provisions for serving international demands.

All the provisions are selected carefully for quality and they all are in respect to international safety and food standards. This includes,

  • Fresh veggies and fruits
  • The bakery products or bread
  • Dairy products
  • Frozen meat or seafood
  • Cheese or fast food
  • Tinned veggies, fruits or seafood
  • Dried products like rice, pasta, flour and spices
  • And a variety of national specialties

The ship chandlers here can offer a variety of services and products to the vessels which are called at ports. They are the key player in this marine network. They supply high-end quality of chemical equipment, welding machinery, safety services, coatings and others to the whole shipping community.

Careful handling by professionals

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