Cockroach Control In Dubai

Prevent Winter Roach Infestation of Creepy, Crawly, Cockroaches

Once in everyone’s life, there has been a situation that as soon as you turn on the bathroom light and then you see a cockroach hastily running. You may grab a spray to address the situation. But, the worst is you never find the cockroach again even when you know it is still there in your house.

Time and again, it pops up in your mind, how many more could be there and where are they actually hidden. Dealing with a cockroach infestation is a mind boggling task, therefore, it is recommended to take the right steps to prevent cockroach infestation in your home.

To get rid of this pesky insect, it is essential to eradicate the nest, hence, do not hesitate to have your problem treated by the professional exterminator who provides service of cockroach control in Dubai.

Where actually the cockroaches breed

To keep themselves warm and hidden, cockroaches rely on resources such as leftover food and water. With winter approaching, cockroaches look for shelter inside your home sweet home. Home comes with an additional advantage of being stocked with all of the resources that are vital for survival.

The key to preventing roaches from infesting your home is to remove the home comforts that they always look for. Most of the time, they come out at night, so this means they ideally take refuge in dark hiding places during daylight hours. No matter what kind you find in your home, it’s best to have them exterminated right away by professionals specializing in pest control treatment in Dubai.

Clean microwave, oven and toaster from inside

Always make sure to clean the hard to reach areas from inside and beneath especially of the refrigerator, stove, oven, toaster and microwave. Cockroaches are most of the time hidden in this equipment and feed them with the leftover food. Ensure to clean these frequently and turn them on for about 3 minutes to destroy any food scent.

Do not leave dirty dishes overnight

Dirty dishes are a readymade invitation to the cockroaches to come and have a nice party for the whole night. If it isn’t possible for you to wash them right away then it is advised to at least rinse them with water or soak them in soapy water. At the same time, ensure that your dishwasher is free of all food remains especially in the filter or along the seals.

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Sweep and vacuum your floors regularly

This should especially be done in the kitchen and other eating areas. Make sure that these two areas are free of food debris and leftover food. Use the vacuum cleaner’s tube attachment to suck up all the debris from cracked areas in the wall or on the floor as behind the furniture and electrical appliances.

Seal the gaps and cracks

Prior the winter steps in seal all the cracks and gaps on the walls, cabinets, floors and around water & electrical pipes. Also thoroughly check for gaps and cracks underneath the sinks and basins. Make sure that no water is leaking from any place. If it is, get it repaired for as mentioned above cockroaches can use water as a resource.

Compost your garbage each night

No matter the environment they live in and breed, cockroaches are both unsanitary and unsafe. That is why it is recommended to look for professional teams of exterminator Dubai and get the problem addressed without any further delay. Without forgetting, make it a habit to compost your garbage each night. If it is not possible to dump the trash every night then at least make sure that your garbage bin is tightly closed.

Use bath plus to close the passage

Cockroaches tend to enter the house through bathtub drain. That is why most of the time they are found on showers, inside the bathtub and other places in your bathroom. So that they do not come through the drains, use bath plus.

Look for reliable and professional pest control services in Dubai. The robust team of skilled and experienced technicians strives to offer an impeccable range of friendly and top notch services. At the same time, they are ever ready to answer your questions in regards to treatment and cockroach infestation in your home.

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