Preparation to Become An Engineer

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There is a common phrase that most Indians are familiar with: ‘One can choose whatever they want to be until and unless it is engineering.’

The field of engineering has become the first natural choice of Indians while taking career decisions. Owing to it, many aspirants overlook their actual potential and prepare hard to take admissions in the premier engineering institutes.

To continue the journey of becoming an engineer, it is very important not to panic and plan ahead.

What does it take to be an engineer?

The road ahead can look intimidating to most as the competition is immense and seats in top colleges are scarce. Becoming an engineer requires a commitment of time, endeavor, capital and most importantly, hard work.

Let’s lay the milestones to achieve the ultimate goal:

Milestone 1: Finding that starting point

If engineering is the dream, then aspirants have to make the right choice when opting for the right stream in the senior secondary standard itself. Choosing science stream in class 11, with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as subjects is the first stepping stone in the journey of becoming an engineer.

Enthusiastic in the starting phase, students often lose the vision of their goal gradually. But the key here is to focus hard and always remember why you started in the first place.

Milestone 2: Preparing for engineering entrance tests

Becoming an engineer is a dream of many students. There are many engineering institutes in the country but to avail a seat in one of the prestigious colleges requires aspirants to take the toughest of entrance tests. Entrance examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT to name a few see the highest competition among engineering aspirants.

There are so many coaching centres and online learning platforms which prepare you for these entrance exams. Choose wisely.

Milestone 3: Aiming for the best

The premier engineering institute in India is the IITs. One must not only crack JEE Main but also be eligible for JEE Advanced and ace the exam to take admission in an IIT.

Taking admission in an IIT is no easy feat. Over 12 lakh students take JEE Main every year and compete for 11000 IIT seats. One has to work extremely hard for 2 years to realise their dream.

preparing assignments

Milestone 4: Choosing the best fit

If one successfully clears the engineering entrance examination, then there comes the need to choose the right college. One will have a leverage if he/she scores well. This will increase the list of options and choices of colleges you can choose from. It is advisable to choose the stream that an aspirant is interested in as this will make the engineering life easier. So, it is important to aim for a great rank and have the option to choose from many.

Milestone 5: Preparing for college

The road to become an engineer doesn’t end with entrance tests. The engineering curriculum takes the academics a couple of notches higher. It is important for aspirants to not let complacency set in and study with equal enthusiasm to become a good engineer.

These four years of graduation will make you well versed with all what you wanted to learn and had set your goal for, in the initial phase

Milestone 6: Preparing for the life ahead

When college life is done and dusted, aspirants need to now focus on the career options available. The number of engineering colleges is ever increasing, and competition has never been this high. Stay updated with the latest that there is in the field of engineering and then you will yield great results.

Also manage to have decent grades throughout, many companies expect you to have a base CGPA to be able to sit for the placements.


Break the milestone into small stepping stones, as life isn’t just about milestone but the moments.

Think about your goal before making the decision of becoming an engineer and if one feels it is worthwhile, only then take the plunge.

If one is still unclear and not being able to reach a decision, then it is advisable to talk to people with an engineering background and get clarity.

When the goal is clear the path becomes easier.

Good luck to the future successful engineer!

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