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PPP or Presentation, Practice and Production

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If there is a lot of stress on the mind of the student then it would be tough to teach anything to him because if the environment is cumbersome then it near to impossible for the students to connect the things. PPP is a very simple method to help students in comprehending any language or topic. Meet the best teachers at the best medical coding institute in Dubai which is famous as Only Success Middle East.

What is PPP?

We know that PPP stands for presentation, practice and production, which is suitable for teaching grammar and vocabulary. This includes learning of all the language skills LSRW and the research says that it stimulates students to learn and practice. Only Success ME has introduced SAT coaching In Sharjah along with OET test and training in Al Ain.

The Principles

The principles of the presentation, practice and production are given below

  • The language that has been set to target precedes
  • This method of teaching covers phonetics and grammar
  • It leads to teacher centric sessions
  • It can be concluded effective for gaining accuracy
  • Revision or repetition can be done at its best
  • The illustration help in setting up the connection while comprehending the things

Purpose of PPP

  • The first purpose is presentation that means to display the subject matter to the learners in an organized way, and get OET test training in Al Ain now!
  • Practice has a purpose to eliminate the hesitation among the students
  • The purpose of the production is to make the students apply the language in the sessions and outside world with great confidence.

A teacher’s concern

While preparing PPP for the class, some important point that a teacher has to consider are given below

  • The subject matter should be appropriate as per the context and easy to understand.
  • The subject matter should be interesting that motivates the students to pay heed.
  • The teacher is the mentor and has to take part actively, so he or she should have a great sense towards his obligations. For good OET training in Al Ain acquire your seat now!
  • A teacher regulates the class and allows the students to maximize the interaction through conversation.
  • The students can commit mistakes so teacher should have the patience to motivate students.
  • During the production phase teacher has to set the learners free with the element called regulation.
  • The students will do the tasks assigned to them on their own, and meet trained faculty for SAT coaching In Sharjah.

Activities done with the help of PPP

The learning that is done through the fun is retained by the students for the long time, so the activities should be full of fun. Some of the activities are mentioned below

  • The role play activity is very famous in which the at least two students can participate, while the other students will listen to them.
  • Picture perception and discussion should also be practiced by the students with the help of teacher, so get the best medical coding institute in Dubai where there are the best teachers.
  • Pointing out the differences between two identical pictures with minute differences etc.

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