Popular Shoe Brands of 2019 that worth Splurging

There is a saying “What you wear is what you are”. It is the truth, as this comes in our wearing also. So, choose the best one, if you think yourself to be an important one. I mean to say that don’t scrimp for quality on price part. If you can afford then go for the best brand. Here, we are talking about the shoe brand” Which is a part of our dressing sense”. A good brand product offers the shoe of excellent quality & durability. It is the best to use for a long run & can survive heavy wear & tear. This is the product quality which everyone wants. If you are investing in shoe brands, then always choose the best one. There is a close relation between shoes & brands. So, let’s move to some of the Top & popular shoe brands & its specifications.


Being the best global brand, Nike stands out on the goodwill of quality & standards. Nike has a huge influence on the international sports shoe market. The brand quality of Nike in athletic wear is hard to beat. The innovative brand, as usual, invent new para in the style, comforts in sport’s shoes. If you will go for another brand rather Nike for sports shoes, then you may be wrongdoing to yourself. It’s better to buy Nike & would be worth splurging on it.


 Adidas has managed to maintain its top position among another shoe brand. Looking for a nice & comfy sports sneakers. Adidas gives you more relaxation as compared to other brands. Athletes are fond of these brand as it provides comfy for their feet to be held at accurate positions. That’s why most Athletes loves to wear Adidas.  Although if compared to brands like Nike. They both constitute special preferences. But Adidas has better sense to catch “how to grab the consumers attraction”. This gives Nike a tough competition.

 Kenneth Cole

 Kenneth Cole has been an amazing platform for formal lovers. If you are looking for formal shoes, then you can trust Kenneth Cole with closed eyes. By providing quality formal shoes, Kenneth Cole maintained its reputations on formal aspects. The good quality shoes are available at competitive prices. If you are seeking for the best brand on shoes, then Kenneth Cole will be at the top. Buy it, for various formal events like weddings, anniversaries, office meetings, etc


 Timberland is known for its leather element. If you are looking for a quality & comfort then Timberland boots are highly exclusive. It gives you a unique outlook on your personality. If you are a fan of Timberland, then you must be familiar with the boots of Chelsea, chukkas or boat shoes. With the unique style, soothing comforts & performance, Timberland stands out in offering exclusive leather boots.

 Tommy Hilfiger

 Being a well-known brand in apparel, it has also kept up the brand standards up to remark. Tommy Hilfiger brand name also gives an appealing trust in shoes also. Talking about Tommy Hilfiger the brand is into many sneakers, sandals, joggers, slip on, Loafer, etc.  If you are looking to buy a pair of shoes, then splurge on Tommy Hilfiger as the brand worth it.

 These are some of the exclusive brands in shoes. The prices of these brands are too expensive but if you want to avail a good discount over these products then initiate on Black Friday in July 2019 Sale. You can easily save a good amount on these products.

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