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Among the top swimming pool design companies in Dubai, Phoenician Technical Services LLCcan design,construct or repair any swimming pool, from lap pools atop apartment buildings to backyard pools brimming with neighborhood kids during a summer heatwave.

While negative corners, wet decks, and glass windows feed our “pool building egos,” the principles of creating a small swimming pool design for home that integrates with stunning outdoor environment remain the same:

  • Consult with all essential stakeholders (client, house builder, landscaper, designer). The pool will be built for the client.
  • Design consistency is essential.
  • Surface finishes are used in a complementary manner.
  • A well-balanced mix of hard and soft surfaces

Maximizing Space

To make the most of available space, pools can now be built along property lines. Changing small swimming pool design has been produced due to new planning limitations, technological advancements, and construction methods. According to the business behind them, swimming pool design is a continuation of current construction trends.

As a result, much of our initial design advice focuses on positioning the pool and pool fence to maximize the available space. In a nutshell, the salient points are mentioned as under:

  • Build the pool in a location that will not enclose a vast portion of your property.
  • Build near the property boundary on tiny blocks; this allows you to reuse the existing boundary fence as part of the pool fence detail.
  • Reduce the size of the space within the pool fence because it isn’t useable outside of the summer, and if your children are using it, an adult must constantly monitor their activities.
  • The pool does not require full surrounding access. All that is required is single or double-sided pool access. It also applies to complete paved surrounds around the perimeter.


In terms of pool design, we aim to steer consumers in the right direction by offering the following recommendations:

Depth & Steps

Domestic pools cannot be made safe to dive in, so don’t think about securing the swimming pool. Simply put, discourage it.

The part of the pool where you can sit or lie down below water level will always be the most popular. So pay attention to the areas near the steps, the ocean, and the benches.


Build interior areas such as spas and steps within the general pool shape or half in/half out. It is no longer fashionable to construct these sections outside of the pool form.


The transition from the house to the pool should be logical, which involves locating the home exit point, the pool fence gate, and the pool steps in a sequence that allows continuity for seamless use.

Water Temperature

It is the most crucial factor in determining how often you will utilize the pool. Regardless of the pool heating technology you pick, the larger the pool you build, the more expensive and difficult it will be to heat it. As a result, think about the pool’s size carefully.


Create a pool that is an extension of your home’s architecture. Build your swimming pool with right-angle corners and straight lines if your home is a modern recti-linear residence. Ditto creates a classical aesthetic with sweeping radius edges and Roman terminated pool designs for historic dwellings.

Other Considerations

Integrate the pool with the yard. If your land has a slope, build the pool to take advantage of it. You might utilize an acrylic viewing glass to look into a swimming pool from the living room if the backyard and pool are elevated relative to the house. Fit a horizon or negative edge if your block slopes away from the front to the back.

Visit plant nursery in Dubai to add raised planters around the pool edge. A retaining green walls design Dubai along a property boundary can be included in the pool design. If you’re short on room and need to build the pool close to the building’s edge, consider getting indoor swimming pool design construct the home on top of the pool shell, and install floor-to-ceiling fixed windows.


Pay attention to the following themes we aim to utilize when designing pools when it comes to material selections for the surface finishes (pool paving surround, inside tiles, fencing, feature wall cladding, etc.):

Strive for a balance of hard and soft finishes. It’s also a good idea to use hardwood batons and decking to soften the rough masonry surfaces. You don’t want your backyard to look like a tomb, so take care when making this decision.

Light-colored pavement materials stain and discolor easily. Darker coatings are more resistant to stains. Use a product with color mottling or a variegated appearance since it will stain less than a uniformly light-colored product.

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