Polyvinyl Pipes – The Smart Solution For Piping Problems

Polyvinyl Pipes are rigid and made of premium metal derived from thermoplastic. The pipes are more rigid than compared to iron pipe. They are also fire-resistant and prevent corrosion. The pipes have broad applications such as a substitute for wood in construction sites, used for heavy-duty plumbing instead of cast iron. The material is used to manufacture pipes due to its anti-chemical erosion property. To increase the pipe’s flexibility, plasticizers are used, which enables the users to bend the pipe. But with the recent advent of technology, plasticizers are not being used.

The pipes are made with a thermoplastic material that is obtained from fossil fuels and common salt. The pipes are certified by International certifications such as NSF and other national organizations. The wide application of the pipes has been increasing due to their unique features and durable lifetime.

In the beginning, metal pipes were used, but they weren’t resistant to water, chemicals and other materials. They would rust quickly and develop cracks and contaminate the water, causing a blockage in the flow. But as the plastic pipes began developing, they soon replaced the metal pipes both in residential and commercial buildings.

Features of the UPVC Pipes- 

  • The Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are made from eco-friendly materials that don’t affect soil quality and don’t contaminate the water.
  • Plastic Polymers aren’t used while manufacturing which enables the pipe to become rigid.
  • The pipes are corrosion-proof, mineral resistant and also withstand intense pressure from other objects.
  • As the pipes are made with plastic material, it is light in weight, durable and resilient. The less weight of the pipes enables the user by reducing the transportation time and costs related to it.
  • The pipes save 60 % of the costs, which is spent on steel pipes. They are affordable and easy to install, which reduces wastage of expenses.

Applications of UPVC pipes

  • Used in the Drinking water supply to cover the tubes and help in plumbing works
  • Its durability makes it an ideal choice to be used in sewer pipelines and discharge units
  • As the pipe has a smooth flow of water and doesn’t let any substantial material cause blockage, it is used widely in industrial and other manufacturing units.
  • They are also used as part of the fire department due to their superior quality that safeguards the pipe from fire and combustion.
  • Besides the other features, the pipes are abrasion-resistant and can be used in electrical installation.
  • Used in swimming pools with double protection coating eliminates the risk of water contamination due to chloride.
  • The pipes are also used in hard pumps, saltwater lines, and aggressive fluid transportation.

PVC Pipes advantages

The PVC Pipes are free from bio-film contamination, which is the most common issue that leads to bacteria growth. Another benefit of using these pipes is that they eliminate low weight molecules, which often circulate with drinking water and cause problems. The PVC pipes’ manufacturing process requires less energy and resources, which is another reason for it being used widely. The pipes are recyclable and are made up of three layers to ensure high durability. The leakage problem led to wastage of water and contaminated the clean drinking water with other dirty materials. The leak-free quality of the pipes helps in easy maintenance and reduces the wastage of water.

Often the hard water consists of an excess amount of salts and other chemicals that lead to pipes’ scaling. But the UPVC pipes and fittings are made after testing is done to make it resistant to such challenging water conditions. When pipes are exposed to sunlight for a long duration, they tend to develop cracks, but not in the case of UPVC pipes which are carefully made to resist both hot and cool temperatures. They have an expansion and contraction coefficient which is apt to prevent the pipes from cracking or bending when subject to varying temperatures.

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