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Planning A Swimming Pool At Home? Here’s How To Do It!

There are many ideas to make your landscape area more attractive. Some will suggest you to add some exotic plants, some will suggest getting a water feature installed, and others will ask you to go for a complete transformation. However, one thing that no one can deny is constructing a pool in the area. In a city like Dubai that is known for its luxury, it is among the essential things to have at home. In this blog, I have discussed all you need to read before deciding to have a pool and reaching a swimming pool design Dubai company for the same. Here’s what you will get to read:

• Why Do You Need A Pool?
• Does It Add Value To Your Life?
• What Are Your Options?
• Final Thought

Making a decision in a hurry has never done any good to anyone. It is important to take time and think before reaching a decision. So, let’s start the discussion.

Why Do You Need A Pool?

A swimming pool is the easiest and the most worthy way to add beauty to your garden area. So, before visiting a landscape design company or a garden design Dubai company, you should give it a thought and analyze how it works for you. There are a lot of things you can do around a pool. You can host pool parties, or simply invite your close friends for a get together. It will also be a perfect corner for your kids to practice swimming. Furthermore, it resembles luxury and beauty, and increases the value of your property.

Does It Add Value To Your Life?

All of us follow a really draining routine; the world has become like that. If you are working, there is no time to relax yourself or just sit and feel the air touching your face. It almost seems like a dream to visit a nearby resort and spend some quality time. It is quite expensive too. Would you be comfortable paying a hefty amount every weekend? And, do you have enough time to go for a vacation that frequently? The answer to all these questions is having a pool at home.

What Are Your Options?

If you look at the market, there are mainly three options that are the most popular ones. You can either go for a concrete pool, or choose from fibreglass and vinyl-lined pools. Some swimming pool design Dubai companies also offer aluminium or steel walled pools but they are nowhere among the preferred options. So, let’s focus on these three types:

Concrete Swimming Pools

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These are also known as Shotcrete or Gunite pools and are truly custom-made. You can easily ditch the conventional rectangular pool and go for any shape or size. However, it takes longer as compared to any other pool type. The process is quite long which consists of setting up the concrete, finishing the surface with plaster, tiles, and more, and finally giving it a final touch using details that make it beautiful.

Fibreglass Pools

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The next in the category are the fibreglass Pools that come readymade. All you need to do is create a hole and get it installed using a crane. These pools take the least time and ideal for the ones who want a quick service. You can reach a landscape design company in your area and ask them to do it for you.

Vinyl-Lined Pools

These pools are constructed using a flexible liner that is attached to a pre-built wall of aluminium or steel. These pools come in different colors and patterns and are ideal for people who love adding color to their lives. Though they make a great choice, you must choose a liner that is at least 30mm thick in order to avoid punctures.

Final Thought

Having your own pool is a great way to make your landscape more beautiful. You can add more charm to it by reaching a garden design Dubai company and getting some plants on one side. There are hundreds of options. The only thing that matters is whether you want this!

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