PL-300 to Replace DA-100: A Look at the Changes

For every company using Microsoft Power BI, having employees with authentic Microsoft certifications is necessary. While Power BI is covered in the PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification, the DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI exam is the benchmark for Power BI users. According to the latest updates, the DA 100 has been replaced with the PL 300 on 31st March 2022. This post aims to highlight the significant changes to the exam curriculum.

Microsoft Certifications Updates

Changes in Microsoft certification are to be expected, primarily because companies are working with platforms, products, and services that are continually evolving in this data-driven cloud-first world.

A few years back, Microsoft saw a significant change with the introduction of role-based certifications, first affecting Microsoft Azure and then rolled out more generally across Microsoft 365 and Power BI solutions.

In addition, the newest certification tracks allow candidates to maintain their certifications with free online renewal assessments. There is no need to sit and pay for exam attempts every 1-2 years, thanks to the introduction of minimum validity periods for each certification.

DA 100 vs. PL 300



DA-100 PL-300
Prepare the Data (20-25%) Prepare the Data (15-20%)
Model the Data (25-30%) Model the Data (30-35%)
Visualize the Data (20-25%) Visualize and Analyze the Data (25-30%)
Analyze the Data (10-15%) Deploy and Maintain Assets (20 – 25%)
Deploy and Maintain Deliverables (10-15%)



The major change in the topic weightage should have an impact on how to approach the exam. Given that the “Analyze the Data” section of DA-100 essentially just involves working with specific visualizations or elements of visualizations, it’s understandable that the two topics have been combined in the new exam.

The main focus has been placed on reducing the number of regions, which explains why the Analyze and Visualize topics have been combined into a single topic. As a result, the exam now covers all areas more thoroughly. Candidates who have recently started preparing for the DA 100 and are considering switching to PL 300 should consider opting for Power BI training online.

Other disciplines have been eliminated in favor of relocating to new regions. For example, the data from PL-300 has been completely removed from the Profile topic area and incorporated into Clean, transform, and load the data instead.

Summary of skills measured in PL 300 Exam

Skill Breakdown
Prepare the Data (15-20%) Get data from different data sources

●       Identify and connect to a data source

●       Change data source settings

Clean, transform and load the data.

●       Resolve unexpected or null values and data quality issues

●       Evaluate and transform column data types

Model the Data (30—35%) Design a data model

●       Design and implement role-playing dimensions

Develop a data model

●       Create calculated tables

●       Create hierarchies

●       Create calculated columns

●       Implement row-level security roles


Create model calculations by using DAX

●       Create basic measures by using DAX

●       Use CALCULATE to manipulate filters

●       Implement Time Intelligence using DAX

Optimize model performance

●       Remove unnecessary rows and columns.

●       Identify poorly performing measures, relationships, and visuals

Visualize and Analyze the Data (25-30%) Create reports

●       Choose an appropriate visualization type

●       Format and configure visualizations

Create dashboards

●       Quick Insights result in a dashboard

●       Apply a dashboard theme

Enhance reports for usability and storytelling

●       Edit and configure interactions between visuals

●       Configure navigation for a report

●       Configure sync slicers

Identify patterns and trends.

●       Use the Analyze feature in Power BI.

●       Choose between continuous and categorical axes.

Deploy and Maintain Assets (20-25%) Manage files and datasets

●       Configure a dataset scheduled refresh

●       Configure row-level security group membership

Manage workspaces

●       Create and configure a workspace

●       Assign workspace roles

●       Configure and update a workspace app

 Microsoft Power BI Certification Details

Prerequisites for PL 300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

  • The AZ-900: This Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course is recommended if the candidate is inexperienced with the cloud and Azure.
  • Candidates who are new to Azure or managing data solutions, should take the DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals course.

Exam Code: Microsoft PL-300

Power BI Certification Cost: USD 165.00*

40 – 60 Questions

Exam Duration: 180 Minutes

Languages: English

Certification: Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

Previous Certification: DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

In Conclusion

Training in Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst is suited for a range of career roles, including Business Intelligence Professionals, Data analysts, IT Managers, Data Scientists, Professionals Managing Data for Decision-making, etc. PL 300 is a significant improvement, especially for individuals who manage smaller businesses and can’t afford the cost of repeated exam attempts. Furthermore, it is critical that technical professionals simply brush up on new updates with a Power BI course to solidify the basics of the BI solution.

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