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Pest Management Tips for Pet Owners

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A pet owner’s top priority is to keep their four-legged pals safe. Maintaining effective pest control around the home is one of the most vital measures a pet owner can take. In addition to hurting your pets, pests can ruin your house. And let’s face it, they’re disgusting.

Don’t, however, pull out the poison just because you see an ant. Being a pet owner, pest management involves striking a balance between safety and control. Fortunately, there are some crucial guidelines to help avoid and combat bug infestations that won’t hurt your pets. If these won’t help you can always count on Jumeirah Pest Control, the best pest control company in Dubai, to exterminate the maniac of any kind of pest out of your home without creating a minor inconvenience for you or your pet.

Continue reading this blog if you want to know how to keep pests at bay while also keeping your pets safe and happy.

Don’t feed your pets outside

Pet food left out in the open may attract pests, which may then enter your yard. Particularly in areas where residents leave bowls of food out for their dogs to consume throughout the day, rats can become a major nuisance. Due to the easy access to food, rats may move into your property and try to build a nest in or on your house, which could cause damage.

Make sure the dog door is pest-proof

Both the dog and the owner can greatly benefit from a dog door. The issue arises when rats and raccoons find the dog door to be a great convenience as well. You can prevent this issue by purchasing a dog door that shuts tightly as the smells emanating from inside your home are what these vermin find most alluring. If they perceive a strong light coming through the dog entrance, insects can also try to get inside your house through there. Choose a door with a dark or opaque flag for this purpose.

Eliminate Water and Food Sources

The presence of open food or water for pests to consume is one of the most prevalent ways they enter your house. Don’t keep leftover food out for an extended period of time, and ensure any leaks from eroded or dripping pipes are cleaned up. Clean up bowls of water as soon as your pet is done drinking, and the same goes for food bowls. Unwanted pests can be kept out of your home by keeping it tidy and clutter-free.

Look for ticks on dogs

One of the more irritating bugs that frequently enter homes unintentionally is the tick. Ticks feed on dogs that they affix to the skin, then reproduce elsewhere. They are a source of diseases that can make you and your pet very ill. Never forget to inspect your dog for ticks before entering the house. If you do discover that you have a tick issue in your yard, Jumeirah Pest Control specialists here in Dubai are qualified to assist you in solving the problem.

Wash the bed of your pet frequently

This is crucial for pest control even though it is sometimes disregarded since insects like cockroaches find the stench of unclean bedding to be alluring. If your pet also likes to hide or eat treats in the bedding, it will be even more appealing to these pests. In addition, everyone deserves a spotless, cozy place to sleep, including our animal family members!

Use flea remedies to safeguard your pets

Everyone can agree that fleas are nasty for both people and animals. Flea infestations are difficult to eradicate once they’ve entered your home and will keep returning to infest everyone within until every last egg and larvae in your carpeting have been eliminated. The key is to prevent it. Ask your veterinarian for advice on a flea prevention method that is suitable for your pet’s age and skin type. Use the medication exactly as your veterinarian advises or it may not be as effective.

You might be tempted to try to handle a pest control issue on your own if you are experiencing one. Due to the harm that badly applied pest control techniques can do to your pet, this is not advised. Living in the Emirates, if you have a pest issue, go to a professional commercial pest control Dubai and express your worries about the pest extermination and the wellbeing of your pet. A professional should be able to deal with it and work with it.

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