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Pest Infestation during Summers

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The summer season is all about high temperatures, rainy days, stagnant water, humidity, and everything that gives a safe breeding place for pests to swell in numbers. During this season, the houses are more at risk to become a target of merciless insects who love to dwell on food, property, furniture, and even living beings. So, this is the season when you need the help of commercial pest control dubai services to tackle the issue before it spurns out of control. Dubai, just like other parts of the world, is also home to several small insects that love to attack many properties during the summer season. As most insects need the warm temperature to breed and grow, summer becomes their favorite season to multiply in numbers and annoy humans as much as possible. They roam around freely during hot weather and are at their most active stage to infest properties under certain conditions. Even a tiny bit of carelessness on behalf of homeowners can open the doors for pests to infest houses and damage the properties. That’s why the help of a reliable national pest control uae becomes the need of the hour.

Top Summer Pests


Mosquitos are the deadliest and most commonly found insect during summers. It carries lots of bacteria and viruses to inject directly into the human body to cause life-threatening diseases. Mosquitoes are the major reason why we see a spike in the cases of dengue, malaria, cholera, etc. during summers.


These tiny creatures are fully capable of causing havoc on your property, especially on food items. They are hungry beings and love to contaminate food if found chance. If you have a serious ant infestation in the house, you won’t be able to leave any food out in the open even for a while. They will attack it in no time to fill indivisible inventories with plenty of food for the winter season.


These blood-sucking beings attach to the host be it a human or animal/pet. Once they manage to cling to the skin, they can make it a permanent home while multiplying in numbers. Their presence on the body can lead to serious diseases and even fatalities in case of found in pets.


These filthy beings are notorious for contaminating food, water, and utensils with germs and bacteria they carry on their bodies. The dark corners and nooks, damp pipelines, and gutters are the living places of cockroaches and they carry all the filth from these places and make their way to your home to find food.


Popularly known for spreading filth and bacteria, the flies quite easily make their way into the house. If you make the mistake of leaving open the doors or windows, flies consider it a welcoming sign. They are mainly responsible for contaminating food by landing certain bacteria and viruses which lead to severe diseases.


No one wants to face termite infestation in their homes. Although they don’t hurt humans directly, they are fully capable of damaging the paint, eating out the furniture, laminating floor boards, loosening tiles, and so on. They are quite notorious for creating havoc silently and show signs of visibility only when the damage has been done.


No one likes even the sight of lizards at home. These unattractive beings love to feast on smaller insects and roam around your house as if they own it. They don’t directly hurt humans but they are known to cause much filth with their presence. And most of all, they are just scary and ugly.


If you have got rodent or rat trouble in the house, then you are in big trouble. They are not harmful but they are also canny enough to combat the techniques adopted against them. They steal food, damage property, and spew so much filth all around the house. Having them in a house is like having a full-fledged enemy in the house.


There are many kinds of spiders and some of them are quite feared by humans and rightly so. The special type of spiders such as redback spiders is known for their poisonous bite. Though they are typically found in Australia and some parts of Asia, there have been recent reports of their sightings in Dubai. You would want to keep your home from these kinds of spiders with the help of a commercial pest control dubai

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