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Organizing a Memorable Event in UAE

The first question in mind pops when you decide to give a birthday party in Ajman, or another family event in Dubai. What are the primary areas you need to think about and decide on before booking the venue and inviting the guests?

Follow this guide fors uccessful event management in Sharjah, Dubai, or any other Emirate

What is your budget?
Where are you going to hold the event?
What will be the date and time of the event?
Who will be invited?
Material needed?
Equipment needed?

Staffing requirements?

Numbers make no difference; the essential advice I can give you is to plan, plan, plan. A lot of the project and event management planning ideas you’ll learn about in this guide are the same for small, medium, orsignificant events, while some parts will be emphasized differently.

Expect the Unexpected!
The attention to the Detail!
Leave no stone unturned!
Leave nothing to chance!

Contingency Plan!

Thankfully, this unexpected disaster is very rare, but it does and can happen, and event planners need to be on their toes. You must always have a contingency plan and be prepared for unexpected things that are not forseeable in regular events. It can be called preparedness.

The Attention to Detail

From the moment of arrivalat your event, your event guests will want and need to be taken for until they leave. Make sure you’ve thought of everything when arranging your event, from the timings to the food you’ll serve, parking availability, and how you will set the table and chair rental in Dubai. You’ll need.When it comes to catering, if you are giving your guests lunch or dinner or even canapes that could cause dietary problems, ensure you ask your guests in advance for any special dietary requirements.Such as being vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or if they can only eat Kosher or Halal food. You cannot and will not please everyone with your menu choice, but you want to avoid people becoming ill with allergic reactions or not eating anything throughout the event’s duration. This task is made more accessible with event management companies like Delhi Catering, a trusted company with vast experience of Event Management in Ajman, wedding catering in Dubai.They provide all kinds of catering menus from different cuisines, and they can take care of every minute detail and may help at all stages of event planning to event management.

Leave no stone unturned!

Who are your guests, and try to know what their requirements are? Will any of your guests be disabled, necessitating unique parking spaces? Does the venue you’ve picked have access, such as a ramp into reception and a ramp or elevator to the meeting room itself, if necessary?Of course, this is a delicate subject, and if you don’t know your guests well, asking this question is inappropriate. “Do you have any special needs?” or “will you require any assistance during the event?” are two questions you could ask them. Subtle but effective.

Leave nothing to chance!

After you’ve invited your guests and gotten their yes or no responses, you can put the correspondence on hold until the day of the event. I, on the other hand, would not stop there.As a gentle reminder of the time, place, and date, I propose sending an intermediate piece of correspondence via email, letter, fax, or phone call a few days before the event. It never hurts to remind folks gently, and they are usually grateful for the reminder.

Contingency plans!

It does not imply that you should be pessimistic, anxious, or panicked. After all, this book is about taking simple steps to stress-free event planning!It is notcynical but more realistic.

Consider what could go wrong during the preparation process or on the day of the event so you can devise contingency plans to address these issues if and when they arise.Please make a list of the things that could go wrong, whether or not they are under your control, and devise a strategy for dealing with them. Delhi catering has the ability and experience to handle all your events, and they provide top service for Pakistani catering in Ajmanand catering in Sharjah,

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