Online container tracking

Why Online Container Tracking is Inevitable in Logistics Industry?

Online container tracking solutions are a new-age concept that almost each and every company is utilizing while conducting their businesses operations both not only in India but also worldwide. These technology driven solutions let companies send and receive products of different kinds in a specific span of timing and keep track of all expenses and various other crucial things under control.

Early this year, there were around 7600 goods vessels around the globe, and for tracking almost all organizations were using online container tracking system. After the penetration of RFID technology in logistics sector, tracking the exact location of high value vessels has become easier and more prevalent.

Some Noteworthy Benefits of the Online Container Tracking System Include the Following-

  • RFID powered container tracking system offers easy availability and come off the shelf.
  • The system does not need any extra infrastructure or paraphernalia, and it makes its implementation absolutely easy.
  • Online container tracking solutions provide very accurate information, however, in some especial circumstances the location related precision remains only 10 or 12 meters.
  • The RFID solutions are not very power hungry contrary to the older devices which used to take a lot of energy for smooth functioning.
  • These new-age solutions also don’t need a huge manpower for the handling of operations.

In short-range solutions, the tracking devices were unable to establish communication straightway with a satellite, but Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions can be implemented with ease to have a look at a particular company’s specific needs.

The Reports that RFID Solutions Generate While Remaining Functional Include the Following:

  • Payment cycle
  • Audited savings detail
  • Service quality reports
  • Shipment detail
  • Client report card
  • Claims status and
  • Vendor compliance.
  • Executive reports
  • Contain quarterly business reports
  • Shipment summary
  • Distribution reports
  • Service by weight
  • Service by state
  • Service by zone
  • Ancillary reports
  • Accessorial charge summary
  • Dim detail
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Tracking reports
  • Time in transit
  • Delivery performance
  • Shipment exception detail
  • Accounting reports
  • Invoice status
  • Top carrier summary metrics
  • Core carrier compliancy
  • Safety reports including carrier incident tracking with trends of safety

There are reputed companies in India which are well known for offering very reliable and scalable tracking solutions to fulfil vivid needs of different industry verticals. These Indian companies stuff ultra modern technology in the all solutions they offer and provide their customers with 100% accuracy and dependability. These companies offer their services on each and every port in India including Balmer & Lawrie container tracking. You can explore the services offered by these Indian companies on the internet just through a few clicks.

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