Why Offline shopping is better than Online shopping?

With modernization, people’s living standards have changed a lot. They are no longer confined to old means of shopping, communicating, dressing etc. When it comes to shopping, the youngsters, who are internet savvy, prefer to online shopping to offline shopping. But, there are certain discrepancies associated with online shopping. There are many reasons that support why offline shopping is better than online shopping and they include the following:

offline-vs-online-shoppingOfflinevs online shopping

You can gauge the product you buy from every angle

When you go to a store to buy a product, you are able to check it from every angle. As a connoisseur, you will choose a product that corresponds to your taste and preference. On the contrary, when you buy a product offline, you only get to see an advertisement of the product, which does not ensure that your product will be worthwhile. As a result, you may be cheated.

You get personal personal attention from sales staff

When you are in a store, the sales representatives stay beside you. When you ask for a particular product, they show different brands and give complete description about them to you. On coming across any problems, you can seek their help and support. While buying offline, there is none to help you personally. As a result, you remain doubtful and are forced to buy the product.

You can negotiate the price

While buying the product offline, you can negotiate the price of the product you have chosen. Under persuasion, the shopkeeper may reduce the price to some extent and you can easily buy the product without burning a hole in your pocket.  On the contrary, while buying the product online, you cannot negotiate the price as there is fixed price of every product. And, you have to pay the fixed price.

You can buy the product instantly

While buying a product offline, you can buy it instantly. There is no delay or dilly dallying in the working attitudes of sales representatives. Once you give the order of your product, one of the sales members will pack it and hand it over to you. While buying a product online, there is delay in delivery of the product that you order. It may take a couple of days or a week to be delivered at the threshold of your door.

You cannot rely on online purchasing when you need products on an urgent basis

There are many occasions in life when you need to buy products on an urgent basis, such as marriages, birthdays, meetings, conferences etc. Under these occasions, you can buy whatever product you like at once by visiting a store. This facility is not possible with online shopping. For this shopping, you will have to wait for a few days.

You don’t need to refer to sales sites when discounts are offered

Discounts are wonderful means to buy products at cheaper prices. Since they are offered from time to time, you will have to refer to websites to know them when you go for online shopping. While shopping offline, you come to know about discounts through banners, posters, brochures etc. when you walk on the road.

You are not deceived or cheated

Nowadays, many online shopping sites have come to the forefront. But, it is not wise to rely them blindfolded. Some dishonest ecommerce businessmen try to befool their clients. They do not deliver the product that you have ordered at your door. As a result, you are cheated and your money goes in waste.

You get complete happiness and satisfaction

With offline shopping, you get complete happiness and satisfaction. You exactly the product you choose. There is none to coax or persuade you. You are the master of your mood.

In sum, these are the points that give support to why offline shopping is better than online shopping. Although online shopping is a modern way of shopping, it is a bit cumbersome due to certain discrepancies associated with it. There are many shops in the market that provide both online and offline shopping to their clients. But, one should choose offline shopping due to many advantages it has. Although it is a traditional way of buying things and involves hustle and bustle, it is fully safe and secure.

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