New Study: High-Efficiency gas Furnaces Keep prices Low

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New analysis analyzing the performance of residential heating systems showed that high-efficiency gas furnaces, whether or not used alone as a primary heating supply or in bike with alternative energy sources, supply a lower annual energy price compared to many alternative energy sources.

The findings were a part of a technical study commissioned by the gas Education & analysis Council and conducted by a third-party analysis firm, Newport Partners, to look at the performance of seven totally different|completely different} heating systems in sixteen different locations across the us for brand spanking new and existing homes. every heating was analyzed and compared during a kind of price and performance factors, as well as energy price, first cost, easy payback, comfort and emissions.

Builders are forever trying to produce the foremost economical and cheap solutions for his or her customers, and this information indicates gas could be a home-heating resolution that builders ought to be considering for his or her customers during a kind of building and reworking eventualities,” same Jesse Marcus, PERC director of residential and business business development. “Whether it’s a high-efficiency gas chamber or a hybrid heating that mixes energy systems to maximise performance whereas keeping prices low, gas solves the enigma builders are perpetually sweet-faced with of providing superior performance at a reasonable value purpose.”

Notable findings from the study included:

Energy price

In cold climates, high-efficiency gas furnaces were found to possess associate annual energy price of concerning $1,650 for brand spanking new homes, nearly ten p.c under standard-efficiency air supply heat pumps (ASHP), and concerning fourteen p.c under a fuel chamber. The analysis additionally found that high-efficiency gas furnaces, once employed in bike with alternative heating systems, will offer even bigger annual energy savings. as an example, a ground supply setup (GSHP)-propane chamber hybrid system had very cheap annual energy prices of any system, at concerning $1,000 each year.Homes with a hybrid AHSP together with a high-efficiency gas chamber had annual heating and cooling prices of roughly $1,425, achieving roughly $400 in annual savings compared to the ASHP-only system 2019 Tech Free Submit article site.

First Cost

The study found the primary prices, that mix the acquisition value of the heating and cooling system with the installation price, of associate ASHP system, a commonplace-efficiency gas chamber with standard A/C, and a high-efficiency gas chamber with commonplace A/C to be the foremost cheap. whereas the primary price related to GSHP systems was the best among the systems within the analysis, a number of that price are often offset by adding a high-efficiency gas chamber during a hybrid configuration. The addition of the chamber permits for a smaller and fewer costly mishap for the GSHP system as a result of less heating capability is required. The smaller loop field brings down the system price considerably.

Simple Payback

A high-efficiency gas chamber in associate existing direct the cold climate zone and therefore the mixed climate zone has a median payback amount of 2 years compared to putting in a standard-efficiency chamber, once the furnace’s initial price and annual energy price are factored in. the typical period of time of a high-efficiency gas chamber is roughly sixteen to twenty years.


Supply air from the gas chamber, in comparison to the ASHP, was found to be systematically hotter and softer, particularly in cold climates.


The GSHP system and GSHP-furnace hybrid system had very cheap carbonic acid gas emissions once analyzing seven Midwest locations within the study, whereas the ASHP system had the best. Combining the ASHP with the chamber within the hybrid configuration avoids the utilization of the ASHP’s resistivity backup heat, and ends up in thirty eight p.c lower emissions compared to the ASHP.

Heating system choices ought to be evaluated on multiple factors as well as initial price and energy prices, comfort, emissions and payback periods for high-efficiency instrumentation. bigger weight are often given to bound factors counting on the project priorities, however trying solely at one parameter may not deliver the goods the most effective outcome for a given project. For additional detail on the heating analysis,

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