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New Rising Demand for IT Jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia, like Dubai and Singapore, is an upcoming destination for career prospects, especially for the young expats. The reason being, when young professionals choose a career, they look into account many aspects like as meaningful jobs and challenges, better salary packages, incentives, and of course a comfortable lifestyle. According to a survey made by the Hays Asia Salary Guide, more than 50% of Malaysians preferred salary and benefits as a top priority while choosing a job. The nature of work is changing too and in Malaysia, in present time, the IT sector is one of the most rewarding sectors for jobs. Accordingly, many young professionals, both locals, and expats, with adequate skills and experience, are opting for IT jobs in Malaysia. The Malaysian industry offers a lot of opportunities in the Information Technology market.

Popularity of IT jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia is a very well advanced country among Asian countries when it comes to IT use.  IT sector is booming and it is expected to grow more in the coming years. The IT sector in Malaysia is closely associated with three prominent sub-domains:

  • Broadband
  • Mobile carriers
  • Communication

Four mobile carriers have made their foray in Malaysia and this mobile phone penetration will grow without fail. The National ICT Association of Malaysia, known as PIKOM (in short) or Projections in IT and broadband communication in Malaysia has projected a positive outlook on this sector and the Malaysian Government is continuously spending on this to grow. Needless to say, this has opened up a great demand for IT jobs in Malaysia.

The main reasons leading to the demand for IT jobs are as follows:

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  • Under the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016 – 2020), the government of Malaysia is working towards increasing the IT contribution to GDP from 13.1 percent during the 10th Malaysia Plan to 17 percent.
  • Malaysia has recently launched Digital Malaysia to make the country grow into a global digital hub and a digital economy.
  • Foreign companies are investing a lot in Malaysia in IT domain, especially in the ICT sector.
  • Mobile telecommunications are significantly growing in the country. Major mobile companies are looking for IT professionals in IT jobs in the country.
  • Banks and finance sectors are now seeking mobile banking and IT applications in their services.
  • Cloud computing has opened a great number of IT job opportunities.
  • IT security is another domain which needs importance and has thus, opened up more opportunities for organizations to invest in the IT security industry.

Some popular IT jobs in Malaysia

Data scientist is the hottest job in the IT sector in the present time globally, including Malaysia. Companies look for professionals who can mold or create an effective digital presence that can complement to the bigger marketplace. The Malaysian Statistics Department has become one of the first government agencies worldwide to have a complete staff of certified data scientists. Data professionals are widely in demand. At present, there are as close to more than 7,000 data professionals in Malaysia and by the year 2020, the number will reach 20,000 or more. User experience designer is another IT job which is very much demanded in Malaysia. According to a survey, 87% of Malaysia’s participating IT companies consider hiring user experience designers as an utmost priority in their organizations. In fact, the demand is as high as software engineers.

Major players in the IT market

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It is to be noted that in Malaysia, both the major companies and also the small and new local companies are focusing not on a particular competency. Rather, they would prefer to hire multi-skilled and experienced professionals in IT jobs.  Here is a list of MNCs operating in Malaysia, offering IT jobs in varied domains:

  • Accenture
  • Cisco Systems
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Hitachi Asia
  • IBM Malaysia
  • KPMG Management & Risk Consulting
  • SAS Institute
  • SAP Malaysia
  • Oracle Malaysia

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