Why We Need Change in Education System

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We discuss about what modifications are needed in our education system. And we all know that how much it is important to have a change in way of teaching and studding but we have never discussed why we need change. In today’s post we will discuss the reasons behind it. Some of them are:

  • Requirement Last for a Second Now:

The world is getting speedy and fast. It changes within Pico and nanoseconds and as it alters our needs change too because everything and everyone is related to each other on this earth. And it is the speedy change due to which education also need some fresh air or a slight change.

That time was gone when the world needed workers and employees who can work in factories and companies on the provided instructions under the supervision of a leader.

Now the world, the industries and companies need

  • Problem solvers who can solve the problem within minutes or seconds,
  • Programmers who can make exceptional programming of robots in industries or companies, and
  • Controller who can control and observe all machines’ functions.
  • Need of Different Skills:

Today there are robots to do chores and work like sewing, dusting and what so ever. That is why today we do not need to make children learn such skills. Today we all need to learn to be attentive for hours, instead. The upcoming generation needs to be taught time management and it is required to teach them how to use different gadgets and machines like 3D Printer.

Take an example of alarm. Today people do not need to set alarm because everyone has Google Assistant. They just to know how to use it and how to wake up on alarm’s single bell.

Forbes also says in its article 21st-century-schools, that the children of 21st century should be taught:

  • management skills to make them successful
  • computers to make them capable foe the world, and
  • to be broad minded because technology has been globalizing the world.

Furthermore, the teachers are now required to teach them how to write and what to write on social media engines because the globalization is bringing intolerance.

  • Need of Education about Internet and Self Knowing:

The world has stepped into an era of technology and it has been going in its depth more and more.

It is true that technology lessons the difficulties and tough work of life but the very same technology is the root of many complexities of today. That’s why education is required to teach them how to use internet safely.

 4 great lesson plans for internet safety, which is available on has very helpful guidelines about healthy usage of internet.

Furthermore, excess usage of gadgets phones keeps all children and adults so much busy that now they do not anything about themselves. And that’s the reason why today’s society is a CONFUSED society.
And only education can turn this confused society into confident and well-acknowledged society if it would promote friendship between teacher and a student and individualism.
Take an example of Pre k Self-awareness Tips where it us given that pre-schoolers can be given knowledge about self-awareness by

  • Talking to them about their feelings
  • Telling them different words to express their emotions, and
  • Telling them the importance of their own feelings

So teach them about it.

  • Teach Art of Communication:

Today everyone can express himself or herself on WhatsApp or Facebook but can not communicate face to face effectively having effective meaningful eye contact. And because of this communication gap is getting wider and this increasing width can be a root of upcoming problems and complexities.

In order to reduce the gap’s width, education is required. By having healthy discussion and dialogue table in educational institute, gap can be reduced at a great deal that no more essay and thesis writing services in Pakistan will be required.

  • Need of Problem Solvers:

It is true that world is going but it is also going down too, on the other hand. After all we are facing the issues of:

  • pollution
  • Scarcity of water, and
  • Cutting down of tress

It is very much important to solve these problems as fast as possible and it is possible when there would be education in every nook and corner. We need to turn our classrooms into discussion platforms where problems and solutions if our environment would be discussed. We need to let our children make their small technologies to clean the water.

 Top Ten Benefits Environmental Education, says that teaching toddlers about environment will strengthen their

  • Creativity
  • Critical skills
  • problem solving skills
  • tolerance
  • ability to learn quick and much more
  • The World is Globalizing:

We need to change our way of educating because the countries are connecting to each other, the world is globalizing.

Because of fast tracks of communication toddlers are learning, either wrong or right, more and more outside the classrooms through different social websites.

In order to save them from wrong information and fill their hearts with love and tolerance, we need to make our education more friendly and dialogue based.

World Bank’s report says in its Globalization Requires Education Reforms in Middle East and North Africa, that curriculum and methods of educating children is needed to be modified because of speedy development of communication tracks.

We need a system that would teach them:

  • Tolerance
  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • to understand others, and
  • Humanity along with diversity.

Education is not about learning read and write. It is the diverse subject that teaches how to

  • Groom yourselves
  • understand others
  • survive in this competitive world

On whole, it is an era of communication. Communication is not about speaking. I t is about speaking effectively that keep the conversation going on. For this mind is required and mind needs education which should be modernized enough to teach them:

  • To understand the world
  • To be logical and rational
  • Tolerance, and

So educate the young generation with creativity and friendliness because that is the polish or education the brain of youth of 21st century is needed.

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