Why You Need Attorneys for Your Anchorage Accident Case

Why You Need Attorneys for Your Anchorage Accident Case

As auto accidents, trip-and-falls and slip-and-falls may be the most common types of personal injury cases, many attorneys able to prosecute such cases in Anchorage and the surrounding areas.  However, many other types of cases where people suffer injuries exist in addition to these.  Lawyers In Anchorage Ak are able to handle many of these other types of cases on your behalf.  As such, if you suffer injuries due to another person’s actions (or failures to act) and you think you may be entitled to a monetary award, finding a skilled attorney in that specific area is important.

One of these “other” types of cases is the motorcycle accident, which has some interesting disparities from regular automobile accidents.  Most of this arises out of the inherent danger of motorcycle operation, something initially evidenced by the fact that riders often wear leather clothing, hard helmets and other protective gear.

And it is not only an impression, but a fact that, on average, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in an incident than the driver or passenger in a car.

This may be due to various reasons including, but not limited to (a) the motorcycle having two wheels, as opposed to the four wheels of a car, causes a greater likelihood of losing balance, (b) not having an external frame causes the motorcycle to be far more dangerous than a regular automobile, (c) motorcycles being smaller make others on the road less likely to see them, (d) the lack of airbags, lane departure warnings and other safety features in most cars and (e) not having an external frame increases noise to motorcycle operators so they may not hear car horns, skids, and other warnings.

As stated above, the increased chance of a severe injury is real for motorcycle operators.  Severe injuries usually lead to increased monetary awards, so retaining quality lawyers In Anchorage Ak is necessary to enable you to obtain the payout you deserve.

These experienced attorneys are also able to bring claims against as many defendants as possible, something that increases your ability to collect greater awards.  Defendants may include (a) the operator and owner of another vehicle, if you are in a collision with another vehicle, (b) the owner(s) of uneven or debris-laden roads, if you slip on such a condition, (c) persons or entities involved in a construction project if, for example, cleaning was not adequately performed, warning signs were not posted or dangerous areas were not properly roped off or barricaded.

And how do you find Lawyers In Anchorage Ak to advocate on your behalf?  Initially, start out with a referral from family or friend.  Although tempting, attorney advertising is not always a positive lead.  The general public is not often aware that television and radio commercials, billboards, trains postings, internet solicitations and other methods such as these may violate laws themselves.  And being found to violate such laws may cause an attorney to be suspended from practicing law, something that could obviously make him or her a bad choice to retain.

Some things to look out for when responding to attorney advertising include (a) did the attorney or firm make a false or misleading communication about attorneys, their services or a prospective client’s need for services?  (b) did the attorney or firm put forth a material misrepresentation of fact or law? (c) did the attorney or firm create an unjustified expectation of results? (d) did the attorney or firm compare itself with other lawyer’s services without factual justification?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, then the attorney should not be hired because he violated ethical laws.

Some things to look for when you first meet with your prospective attorney include (a) does he or she listen and explain everything clearly, whether it be the process of fact-finding, litigation and even the terms of the retainer agreement itself? (b) when you offer suggestions or ask questions, does he or she listen and give you competent responses?  (c) does he or she apprise you of every settlement offer and provide sound reasoning as to whether or not you should accept or reject the settlement?  (d) does he or she always act in your interest rather than his or her own?  (e) does he or she encourage honesty from you so that all negative facts are able to be considered when creating strategy?

The answer to each of the above must be “yes” or this attorney should not be retained.

In any incident in which a person is injured as result of the wrongful acts of another, the amount to know and do before receiving any award is huge, from ascertaining facts to drafting papers to meeting deadlines to conducting discovery to trying a case.  Attorneys train for years to know how to do this, which is why it is so important to retain one for your personal injury claim.

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