Must-Know Tips to Elongate the Life of an iPhone and iPad

Has your family made you the happiest person this birthday by gifting you an iPhone and iPad in the States? Well, congratulations, you might feel thrilled and overwhelmed at the same time! After all, now you belong to the Apple family and that means amid all the glory and glam there are also a few recurring tension and “What ifs?”

‘What if your phone gets stolen’? ‘What if you break it’? ‘What if it malfunctions’? Well, for starters calm down! The first two scenarios can easily be avoided if you’re careful enough. The last one also has a solution. A device isn’t foolproof all the time! So, in case it faces a few issues you can always opt for buying iPhone parts wholesale USA for elongating the life of your phone.

However, before going to all that it is best to take precautions to stretch the life of your iPhone and iPad. Thankfully, this blog has a few tips you can use for ensuring the optimal health of your gadgets.

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Tips to Improve Battery Life for iPhones

One of the most common problems iPhone users complain of is reduced battery life. This is because often an iPhone is overloaded with images, apps and features that tend to deplete its battery life faster.

So, given below are useful tips to lengthen iPhone battery life considerably –

1.Monitor Battery Heath

The first task every iPhone user should do is periodically check the battery health. You can do this by going to ‘Settings -> Battery’. It will showcase battery heath if it depletes beyond 80%.

However, in case you are using a Mac, you can monitor your phone’s battery via the CoconutBattery app. This will showcase if your phone’s battery requires replacement. Now, if it depletes beyond 80% it is advised to get a new battery from an Apple Store. You can also opt for buying an iPhone battery from a reputed wholesale company.

2.Lessen Auto-Lock Time

One of the main reasons that cater to depleted battery life is increased auto-lock timings. Auto-lock turns off the screen when the device is inactive. However, at times many users tend to leave auto-lock unattained and not customized. So, the longer an auto-lock takes to activate, the more battery life is hampered.

This is why the best option is to pick the 30-second choice when it comes to Auto-lock. How to do this? Simply go to Settings then Display & Brightness and select Auto-Lock. Set the recommended time and you’re done.

3.Wifi > Cellular Data

Compared to Wi-Fi, cellular data harnesses a lot of energy that leads to energy depletion. This is why opt for using Wi-Fi more than cellular data to prevent energy depletion.

Apart from this, other iPhone tips –

  1. Do not blast music at full volume, and opt for listing to songs at the recommended volume.
  2. Use a proper charger and use low battery mode when needed.
  3. Do not overload your phone with unnecessary applications.
  4. Make sure to give your phone a protective sheath or cover to reduce careless damages.

Moving on,

Tips to Elongate the Life of an iPad

 1.Use a Screen Guard

 Most smartphones use touch technology and so does an iPad. Hence, the continual tapping, stroking and swiping can often lead to damaged phone screens, which will make the device look unaesthetic.

What’s more? Accidents can happen, and without the armour of a screen protector, your phone can fall and crack its screen. This is why ensure to invest in a proper screen guard for your iPad.

2.Keep the Device off When Inactive

It is unlikely that you’ll be using your iPad 24/7. So, when it is not in use ensure to keep the device in sleep mode or switch it off. This will help save battery and reduce pressure on the device thus, elongating its life.

3.Stop the Charge at 100%

Overnight charging often results in putting excess load on a tablet or phone, which can taper with phone health. Your tablet’s battery is more likely to get damaged if you charge a phone beyond 100%.

This is why it is advised to charge a phone up to 97% and not overdo it. Also, try to charge the phone around midday or morning to prevent overcharging issues.

On this note, now that you know of these few simple tips, you can work to elongate the life of your iPhone or iPad considerably. However, in case something goes wrong, do not panic and contact a reputed seller to buy certified iPhone and iPad parts. Good luck!


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