Mlearning: The New Classroom

Mlearning: The New Classroom

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Since the beginning of the human race, the technological advancement has seen progress for the upliftment of human beings. Learning has always been at its peak as more one learns, the more they proceed to develop for the benefit of everyone. Technology has a crucial role in learning, as one can get information anywhere and at any time they require. One such technology that has been fulfilling almost all the human needs is the mobile learning technology. Gone are those days when one seeks knowledge only in classrooms. Now, mobile phones are the new classroom for us.

Let us have a glimpse at various benefits of mobile learning-

(i) Provides visual learning- Mobile learning provides learning through videos and animations, which is helpful to grasp the concepts and helps to visualize them in an easy manner. Videos provide 3D learning, whereas textbooks can only provide learning in 2D through texts. Thus videos also provide to remember the concepts for a prolonged duration. Various concepts such as surface area and volume, differential equation, circles can be learned with proper visualization through videos.

(ii) Learning anywhere and anytime- Mobile phones are portable in nature, thus can be carried with the user due to its compact size. This helps users to study and learn the concepts even during the time of travel. There is no restriction of time or place.

(iii) 24/7 Availability- Mobile phones are in possession of everyone almost all the time. Recent research shows that one spends around 6-7 hours using their mobile phones and is also carried everywhere they go. Thus, one can seek knowledge easily whenever they desire.

(iv) Personalized learning- Every student has a different pace of learning. One may be fast, others may be slow. Learning in a classroom with different minds can be difficult to gain all the concepts. Providing students with a personalized tool that helps students to study at their own speed can help them to understand the concepts properly and also help them to know the in-depth concepts, which textbooks cannot provide.

(v) Save the planet Earth- Thousands of trees are cut down every month for various making paper. Using mobile phones for learning would reduce the usage of paper that would help to preserve the earth and nature for future generation.

vi) Systematic learning- Mobile phones help in learning along the flow, without any interruption. Students can get to know the importance of various topics and the interrelation of them along with their application. Such as concepts of Percentage is related to Ratios and Number system. Having a good knowledge of these topics can help to ease the concepts of percentage.

These were some of the important learning benefits of mobile learning. One can easily learn concepts with ease through mobile phones rather than through textbooks, which is helpful to everyone to develop to their full potential.

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