Measure to Improve the Food served in Trains

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Without good food, any trip or journey seems incomplete and the same applies for railway journeys. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside during your train journey if you have your tummy filled with yummy food. Munching flavorful snacks can bring out the best of any kind of journey. But the Indian railways have faced a lot of criticism on their quality of food that is served in the trains as well as the stations. Due to several complaints from the passengers, authorities have taken numerous measures to better the quality of the food that is served and also to avoid overcharging by the vendors.

The government is trying to improve the quality of food on train by implementing a lot of new tactics. With the help of technology, they are trying to satisfy the needs of the passengers. They even stream live videos of the railway kitchens to show the quality of the food being made. Many other steps are taken; some of them are listed below:

  • Artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence has helped the people working for the railway serve hygienic food to the passengers. Many intelligent technologies such as vision detecting system and high definition cameras have been set up. These help with the detection of pests such as cockroaches, rodents and any other strange objects in the kitchens. The CCTV also helps track down whether the workers are following the rules of hygiene or not.

  • Apps

A new app known as the ‘Menu on Rails’ app has been put up for the passengers so that they can avoid overcharging from the vendors. People can check the menu available in various trains and stations. The correct prices are also shown their so they need not pay a penny more than they are required to. Previously the caterers used to charge a lot of money for the food they supplied which was a lot more than the actual price. With the help of this app, this practice has come to an end.

  • Revamped meal

Due to numerous complaints against the quality of the food served in the trains, the Indian railway authorities have decided to focus on the quality and not the quantity of the food. They have revamped the meals and brought a much better menu for the lunch and dinner meals on the trains. The quantity of the food might be reduced a little but what will be served will be of good quality. In some trains, even food-cum-beverage vending machines are being installed.

  • Packaging and serving

The Indian railway is even trying to be more eco-friendly. The food on many trains nowadays is being served in biodegradable bowls and trays. The use of non-biodegradable products like aluminum and plastic is being minimized. Moreover, the catering of food is made much easier by using the proper meal trolley and also announcements about the meals are being made.

  • Catering

They have even started e-catering where many vendors are available. This makes the delivery of orders on the trains much timelier. The food might even be provided for free if the vendor can’t produce a viable bill.

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