The Mathematics, most important Subject in Preparation of IIT

IIt is one of the most important and toughest exams in India. There are many subjects involved and mathematics is one of the important subjects of the exam syllabus.  It is a very important subject that can get the candidates maximum marks. This subject is very important as if there is a tie on the score of two candidates or more than two. The maths score is the balancing factor is this exam. Mathematics is such a science that makes that base for other subjects like chemistry and physics. There are different topics like quadratic equations and calculus, those are very important for the exam.

Need to prepare well for the exam

This exam is very important and you need to prepare well for the test. There are many study books available and you can also go for the IIT mathematics online coaching. This coaching can be taken as per the convenience of the candidates. This is done by the expert professionals ad all the syllabus will be covered. The exam will be objective type and the candidates will have four options out of which they have to pick the right one. They have to finish the paper in limited time and they have to be speedy while they are answering. This will check how quick their brain can work and how intelligent the candidate is.

The video lectures are very helpful

The candidates can prepare themselves with the help of books and study material. In addition they can also go for the JEE maths video lectures.  These lectures are very helpful and the entire syllabus will be covered in the lectures. One can find out for the lectures online. The most important topics will be covered like trigonometry, probability and many more. The lectures will be based on the basics and if the basics are clear the candidates are able to answer well.

There are different important topics those will be covered in the video lectures.  They are taken by experts.


This can be said as the simplest subject that can help the candidates to score more. The topics of algebra are easy and interesting as well. They need good speed while answering the test.  The subjects need clarity of the conceptso that the candidates can score well. The important areas cover relation and function, Differential Calculus & Integral Calculus and many more.


This is one of the most significant topics of the JEE exam. This is most important subject we can say. It consists of two important branches, integral calculus and differential calculus those have a direct relation by the basic thermo of the calculus. This is s study that is based on the changes. Geometry is also one of the most important topics in this exam. The JEE Math covers various problems that cover practical as well as theory knowledge. This is based on the application. If the candidates will prepare well then they can pass this exam will very good marks.

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