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5 SMS Marketing Strategies To Increase E-Commerce Sales

You must not underestimate the power that SMS Marketing has to increase the sales of an e-commerce. Although there are currently various channels to send information, if you are thinking about a strategy for your business, think about SMS Marketing. This communication is more effective than you imagine.

Years ago, text messages used in early marketing campaigns were simple messages to inform customers about offers and events. They were very short messages considering they didn’t exceed 160 characters, which was the maximum length allowed.

However, this aspect has evolved over time and has become a powerful tool. Many do not know how to apply SMS marketing and animated explainer video actions to increase e-commerce sales.

This occurs because they think it is an obsolete medium. But it is the other way around as this tool has a large reach. Also, among its advances is the possibility of adding a link that can direct your landing pages, generating more traffic and future leads.

The importance of a clear message in SMS Marketing


The foundation that supports SMS marketing campaigns is nothing more than the message. It is for this reason that you need to know how to attract and convince the customer in just a few steps. It’s not about being creative and precise in a few words. You will see that it is not that difficult to convey a message that captures.

Specifically, you have 160 characters to grab your customers’ attention. But if you design your copy well, you won’t need anything else. People don’t like spending a lot of time reading a long message, so get right to the point . A short message is usually the best strategy for attracting a prospect and keeping their attention to the end.

Find the right technique to reach people with a simple text message. Otherwise, if you don’t have anything relevant to say, it’s best not to send it . Nobody likes to read something that ultimately offers nothing. This could result in the loss of potential customers.

We recommend that you send SMS messages that benefit recipients. You can choose to present information on upcoming events, new products or services, coupons, discounts and promotions, among others. It is about simplifying a message by inserting only the content necessary to increase the sales of your e-commerce.

Benefits of SMS marketing for e-commerce

You may be surprised at all the benefits this tool offers your business. It is all about creating a good SMS marketing strategy to increase e-commerce sales and you can see how the goals you have set are achieved. If you’re still not convinced, pay attention to the benefits it will generate for you:

  • Disclosure of new products.
  • High reach of the segmented audience .
  • Sales recovery from abandoned customers.
  • Creation of segmented and personalized messages .
  • Approach to customers.
  • Savings in marketing actions.
  • Achievements of promotions.
  • Effective dissemination of the message in a short time.
  • Quick evaluation of results.
  • Monitoring of customers’ shopping habits.
  • Possibility to reach an international audience without a high cost as in the case of calls.

Structure of an e-commerce campaign in SMS marketing


It’s not just about just sending a message. If you really want to achieve the goals you have set yourself, you need to structure a good SMS marketing campaign to increase the sales of an e-commerce.

This is an effective way to achieve the result you want to achieve . Take note of the following tips and you will see how sales in your online store will increase.

A.- Define your goals

We recommend that you first ask yourself what is expected of the campaign. The answer to this question will become your overall goal. But more questions will come and each of them will be part of what you want to achieve with your SMS marketing strategy:

  • Do you want to increase your sales?
  • What are the tastes and preferences of your audience?
  • What is the best time to ship?

B.- Design the strategy

When you’ve already determined the problem and answered the questions, you can start designing your SMS marketing strategy. Here is the importance of knowing your audience.

This will tell you which is the correct path to reach the goal. It can also support you with an A / B test that will help you select the most appropriate action for your e-commerce.

C.- Create a database

Creating your own database is one of SMS Marketing’s key strategies for boosting e-commerce sales. You can do this based on your existing customers as you already know they are interested in what you offer .

Sending random text messages doesn’t make sense. You will waste time with people who won’t even open the message. Therefore, dedicate yourself to your possible contacts, which are the ones that will generate revenue.

D.- Choose an SMS software

Having a good SMS marketing platform will greatly facilitate the development of your actions. We recommend that you choose a service that lets you know if messages have been delivered to the recipient. Choose the tool before investing, make sure it provides you with a quality service.

E.- Define the hours of sending

To implement any marketing strategy it is important to establish a calendar, but in this case it is necessary to establish a scheduled time. It consists in evaluating the hours in which the SMS is received with pleasure and is not a nuisance to the customer .

Never send a late night or dawn text. It will definitely damage your reputation. You can do this between 8:00 and 19:00.

F.- Analyze the results

Doing a metric analysis is essential because it will indicate what you are doing well and what needs to be improved. There are basic data that are relevant to achieving the desired results. They can be click rate, bounce rate and conversion rate. Having this information you will be able to work on optimizing your strategy .

The 5 best SMS marketing strategies to increase e-commerce sales

If you already have the structure of your campaign, this is the right time to start elaborating the SMS marketing strategy you are about to implement in your ecommerce to increase sales. But if you don’t have in mind how to get started, don’t worry and take note of the 5 options.

1.- Inform customers about the status of their orders

Maintaining communication with the customer is the key that opens all doors. By informing them about the status of the order, it will make them more secure.

If you are successful, chances are they will continue shopping on your e-commerce. Always update consumer information so that they notice your interest in their needs.

2.- Send tickets or event notifications

Check your customers’ loyalty by sending them invitations to attend specific events. This is a way to spread a clear message by increasing participation.

Plus, it’s a way to save on materials since it’s a mobile invitation. Make the most of this strategy. It is your opportunity to generate new leads.

3.- Personalized and segmented campaigns

Who doesn’t like to feel special? Surely everyone. This is why one of the campaigns that has a large reach is the one directed at the person.

So, you already know that focusing on knowing your audience and segmenting them based on their preferences is vital when using SMS Marketing to increase e-commerce sales. This will make the SMS personalized, according to the tastes of each customer.

4.- SMS to remind abandoned carts

A reminder could generate a profit that you thought was lost. Occasionally people put their purchase in their shopping cart and for some reason, be it forgetfulness or doubt, abandon it.

Without a doubt, this action will increase your sales, as a percentage of consumers will eventually buy what they had forgotten.

5.- Announcements of products, promotions, and offers

Most, if not all, people are fans of the new products on the market, as well as promotions and offers. For this reason, it is ideal to send an SMS to your customers inviting them to buy the new products.

You can also create a campaign based on discounts, which are very effective on special days such as Black Friday, CyberMonday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This will increase the sales in your eCommerce.

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