Making The Selection Of Best Nursery For Your Kid

Pre-school education has a very positive impact on your child’s behaviour. It helps him get trained for academic and social life. Thus making the right selection of nursery pre-school is an important aspect for any parent.

Pre-schools are considered as the most important stage in your child’s life. These places offer the right exposure to your child to help him develop social alearning skills. Making the right selection may never be an easy task for parents. You may have to check with the reputation of the pre-school and its infrastructure.

When evaluating these aspects, you may have to consider looking into the basics.

Try speaking to other parents you trust

One of the most effective ways to get started with selecting the best nurseries in Dubai Marina is to go around and get in touch with parents nearby. You can collect their experiences for any nursery you feel is the right option for your child.

You can meet teachers and promoters of the nursery and speak to them about the safe learning environment they follow for each child.

To make your research more effective, try and collect details about the student to teacher ratio in the classrooms.

Get familiar with their methodology

There may be hundreds of options available for you. Each one follows its own specific methodology and learning method. When meeting the school staff always try and ask them to define their methodology and teaching methods followed.

This will give you a clear picture of the type of approach the administration and staff take to help improve a child’s learning skills.

Look into safety features and infrastructure

Making a judgment on the basis of facilities, play activities and environment may not be sufficient for you as a parent. It is important to understand if the administration follows the best safety for each and every child. Even if the premises are equipped with expensive games, still if children are left unmonitored then it may not be a safe option for your child.

Focus on creative elements

When selecting the best nursery in Marina for your child it is important to consider the type of equipment and activities the nursery is introducing to the kids. Any pre-school that integrates play activities with learning techniques is the best option.

Gaining practical knowledge for kids at a young age proves helpful in improving their learning skills more rapidly.

Apart from this you also need to look into the method school follows to keep track of all activities enjoyed by the children.

Parent involvement activities

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For successful pre-school education, it is important for both teachers and parents to get involved with the child. The nursery that you select should try and involve parents to participate with their children in play and learning activities.

Some pre-schools may be very strict and may never promote parents involvement with their children. You also need to see if the school on a regular basis provides parents with updates for their children. Regular interaction between teaching staff and parents is important for a child’s development.


This certainly is one of the most important factors for most parents. As your child is still too young, so it is important that you have to select one that is nearby to your location. This will offer with convenience where you can reach your child in a short period of time.

This factor is important for the safety of your child. This will also encourage you to spend more quality time with your child at school.

Time period

Making selection of Nursery in Dubai Marina that keeps your child engaged for the whole day may never be advisable for any parent. You have to ensure that your child is in school only for a few hours during the day. A pre-school is a place where your child does not have to spend most of his day time.

Few hours of pre-school will help your child get accustomed to sharing play activities with other children.

Trust all your instincts

When making the right selection, always try and trust your inner instincts. If you are comfortable with the environment of the pre-school then it is a wise decision for you to make that selection.

You just need to keep in mind that at nursery level your child will only have to develop few social activities. Not much of academic learning should be imposed on him during this stage.

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